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Jen G.'s Examples, Alberta Canada

 but taken in New Zealand

 by Jen G. (aka Magpie Jen or Laughing-Magpie), Raj and Emma

 Fellowship Cloak and Mallorn-leaf Brooch


The cloak is essentially based on Vogue 7110 with a larger hood. The fabric is a green/grey fake suede. It has a bit of a soft pile that ends up looking like swirls and patches of slightly different colors. I don’t know what this stuff actually is but it CHANGES COLOR! It really does. In the fabric store it looked dark green, and when I started on the cloaks at home I couldn’t find it… only a big pile of smoky grey fabric. It’s amazing stuff, sometimes outside it looks green and under lights it looks grey and usually in photos it looks grey, even if it was looking green at the time the photo was taken. It has some strange name like ‘Savanna Fake Suede’. I’ve found it two seasons in a row now at my local fabric store. I love it.


 It was made from copper and copper wire by my father, then enameled by me in greens and silver and resined to a large safety pin.


We’ve had these cloaks since the premiere of Fellowship of the Ring in Seattle, 2001, and wear them on all special LOTR related occasions. Check them out in action during our trip to New Zealand (December 2002) on site in Hobbiton, Amon Hen (yes – those are the very trees our heroes hid behind! Check your DVDs J) and Emyn Muil.

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