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Jen G.'s Examples, Alberta Canada

 by Jen G. (aka Magpie Jen or Laughing-Magpie), modeled by Raj


 Shirt – off-white cotton, bought as you see off the rack several years ago, I couldn’t believe how close it looks to Frodo’s shirt in general shape and fabric.

 Vest – no pattern, simply copied a vest known to fit, though I made the neckline higher. The fabric is actually supposed to be a pseudo-suede, even though I don’t think it’s a very good fake suede, I did think it was a very good stand-in for brown velveteen as it has a bit of a soft pile. It’s lined in muted cranberry polyester satin and accessorized with antique looking buttons.

 Pants – copied a pair of Jedi pants I had kicking around and obviously made them mid-thigh length, simple drawstring waist. Fabric is the same as the vest.

 Sting – a wooden replica carved by my father, the hilt is covered first with left over strips of the brown costume fabric, then thin strips of soft brown leather.

Scabbard – a piece of plastic (from a Crazy Carpet actually – I don’t know if anyone other than Canadians will know what that is J) folded over and stapled/glued into shape. It’s covered with left-over strips of the brown costume fabric, then strips of soft brown leather. The leather strips are decorated in silver puffy fabric paint in Elvish runes and are my description of Sting’s lineage and great deeds.

Pouch – circular drawstring pouch for holding movie tickets in! Leftover brown costume fabric.

Pipe – a wooden replica carved by my father and myself.

 Feet – this costume is made for standing in line for hours, so instead of bare feet, thin skin colored craft foam was stretched over the buckles/straps and stapled/glued to the soles of Birkenstock sandals. Doll’s hair is glued to the foam.

Ears – latex tips (wootchie).

Cloak – the cloak is essentially based on Vogue 7110 with a larger hood (as yet unlined… sigh… one day). The fabric is the same fake suede used for the vest and pants, but in green/grey. I don’t know what this stuff actually is but it CHANGES COLOR! It really does. In the fabric store it looked dark green, and when I started on the cloaks at home I couldn’t find it… only a big pile of smoky grey fabric. It’s amazing stuff, sometimes outside it looks green but when you take a photo it turns out looking grey. It had some strange name like ‘Savanna Fake Suede’.

Brooch - made from copper and copper wire by my father, then enameled by me in greens and silver and resined to a large safety pin.

 There’s no jacket with this costume. Let’s pretend it’s not because I’m lazy but because I psychically predicted that Frodo would lose his jacket in Ithilien at the end of The Two Towers! J    which he does

Clowning around at ConJose WorldCon. 

Mirror Mirror Lord of the Rings.


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