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Ginger's Example   Ohio, USA

Frodo from the discount bin

Click on pictures for enlargements.


the cloak pattern is the one that is provided on this site, (it work's very well I'd like to tell you!), for the vest we traced a vest of my Dad's and cut it down where needed.


The cloak is made from a light, gray knit that I got from the discount bin at Wal-Mart for 4 buck's a yard ('bout 10$ total,).  The vest is a thick, nearly carpet like material also from Wal-mart (about, 7$ total for that).


The cape and the vest are the only things I made.  I have a pair of brown corduroys and rolled them up for the pants.  The shirt is one I barrowed from a friend of my sister's who used to do medieval re-enactments.  The broach (seen in the close up pic) is one of my Mom's. 

Add a replica of the One ring, and of Sting and voila!  Instant Frodo. (and as I have been asked this before: NO I am not wearing a wig!)

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