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Hobbiton Recreations

Here we feature costumes from our folks who have recreated some of the citizens from Hobbiton.

Work here represents recreations at all skill levels.

Picture hyperlinks will open to more details about the costumes.

Amber's Rosie Cotton

Amber - USA

Check out her web page for more costume details and pictures:

bullet http://www.geocities.com/the_one_and_only_dream_girl/rosiecotton.html (inactive web link)


Jen G.   -  Alberta, Canada

Click the pic to see more pictures and find out how she made the outfit.


Lady Hobbit


I made the skirt using the Simple Skirt described on your site.  The bodice was from a modified pattern that I found on a link from your site.  I also used one of your links for the wig

Frodo from the Discount Bin

Ginger       Ohio, USA

Click on the picture to see more pictures and construction details.

Sam Gamgee

Leah     - California, USA

Check out her detailed web site.  All about how she has research and built Sam's outfit.  This includes great details for converting your own feet to hobbit haired feet: http://www.hot-lead.org/Samcostume/

Frodo and other Hobbits

Primmy B.    - California, USA

Click on the picture to see more pictures and find out details about  her costume quest.

Frodo and Sam

SR                        North Carolina, USA

Hobbit sons.  Click the picture for more pics and construction detail.

Dad has made hobbit feet shoes, find out how.

Male Hobbit on a Budget







Donna                     New York
Pattern:  Butterick 3072 for both shirt and vest
Fabric:  Vest- tweed , Shirt- cotton blend
bulletThe shirt and vest were both made from 'finds' from the clearance rack at Joann's.  The vest pattern was followed exactly.  With the shirt, the cuffs were doubled in size and the collar button omitted.  The pants were a thrift store find-made of corduroy.  The belt loops, rivets and manufacturers labels were removed and 3 wooden buttons sewn on  to attach the suspenders with.  And of course the pants were shortened to a more appropriate 'hobbit' length.
bulletdoll hair was used for foot hair and attached with spirit gum
bulletwoochie ear tips were also applied with spirit gum
bulletthe wig started out woman's curly wig ($1 from e-bay!) and was wet, flattened and gelled to make it 'hobbity'

Excluding the cost of the ear tips and spirit gum (which ran about $15 for both)  The entire costume (vest, shirt, pants, suspenders and wig) cost about $25 to make!

Idril Celebrindal Fairbairn (Elanor Gamgee's daughter)








Kirsten                   Germany

Pattern: Butterick 6198, modified.

I lengthened the blouse to be a shift (that's the white sticking out under the skirt) and put in two triangles of the same fabric (linen) at the sides to make the skirt part fuller. I also shortened the skirt to end above the ankles. Vest and bonnet are as in the pattern. I changed all elastic bands to drawstrings. For the apron I used the full width of the fabric (140 cm) and made it to fit half way around me. I also worked some drawn thread work around the seams of the apron.

Fabric: For the shift, apron and bonnet: pure white linen; for the skirt: polyester mix (looks like linen); for a second skirt (as alternative): pure wool; for the vest: polyester mix (looks somewhat like cotton)

Notes: The trickiest part is the vest/ bodice. The pattern seems to be rather large, you may want to try using one size smaller than usual. Also, try to get boning that is as stiff as possible. A good way to do drawstrings is to use candle wick. It is cheap, pure cotton, easily dyed and available in different diameters.

Dora Took - a hobbit

Judy M.       - Maryland, USA


bulletJudy walks you though her hobbit creation step-by-step on a new page <here>
bulletLots of pictures!

If you do not have a web site or a photo album, we can put the pictures our our server...  Contact us at scrapbook@alleycatscratch.com

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