Hobbits 5

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Hobbiton Recreations, page 5

Here we feature costumes from our folks who have recreated some of the citizens from Hobbiton.

Work here represents recreations at all skill levels.

Picture hyperlinks will open to more details about the costumes.


Sarah C. - USA

Click the pic for details on the embroidery and more pictures.


Merry & Pippin's Homecoming Outfits

AJ & Nat

Click the pic to see the larger pictures


See their Human costumes

Hobbit Lass

Emmeline - Louisiana, USA

Check her website http://www.sewing-garden.com/bodicemania  for more hobbit pictures and details.   (web link inactive)

Rossie Cotton Hobbit Outfit


I designed and made this outfit for Trilogy Tudesday.

Sarah's Hobbit Outfits

Sarah - Austria

Sam's Fellowship Outfit & Elven Cloak

Click the pic for details and more pictures on their RingCon 2004 group.

See her other costumers in Middle-earth Gather.


Rosie's Reunion Outfit

Click the pic for details and more pictures


Dad and Son

My 9 year old son wanted to be Frodo for Halloween last year and I love helping with costumes. I used the idea for his feet from your web site. I even used hair from our dog after her hair cut. The ears, sword, and ring are store bought. The leaf pin was from a metal basket that I cut the leaf from. We glued a pin to it and painted it with silver paint.

The vest, shirt, and jacket were from the thrift store. The pants were ladies pants that I took in the waist to make the knickers. The cloak was from a costume kit. We sprayed his hair with brown coloring and put make-up on his face for dirt. I had to modify his jacket with different buttons, and take up the sleeves, but for the most part everything fit pretty well. Everyone seemed to really like his costume and knew he was Frodo right away.

Tootsie Proudfoot and Frogo

Jean and Teresa - Tennessee, USA

Click the pic to see more pictures and get more details

If you do not have a web site or a photo album, we can put the pictures our our server...  Contact us at scrapbook@alleycatscratch.com

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