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SR's examples of his son's costumes

Click on pictures for enlargements.

Ready for battle! Possessed by the ring

I have made two hobbit costumes for my children. Both are 18th century workshirts (made from antique colored muslin and white cotton, $1.00 a yard at Joann's) and drawstring knee pants (brown cotton, $1.00 a yard) were made from a pattern on Dawn's costume page. I believe you have a link on your site. I altered the shirt to leather lacing at the neck and cuffs instead of buttons and changed the collar on Sam's antique yellowed  shirt to include a V shaped pattern of cloth sewed to the neck opening on each shoulder seam to allow for more head room through the neck and a larger collar.

I made the cloaks w/ hoods from scratch (a very loose weave cotton in gray/light green found at wal-mart for 1.97 a yard). I used a small wooden maple leaf from AC Moore art supply store and hot glued the pin on the back. I painted each with metallic puff pants, Forest green and pearl. The Vests are my own pattern. Frodo's costume has a faux leather vest, Sam's is blue cotton blend in a coarse weave. 

The swords and belts are store bought but the scabbards and Sam's pack were made from faux leather and metal studs decorating the scabbard are from a Bedazzler kit.

The Hobbit feet are just a pair of old sneakers with a nude colored nylon "footy" wrapped around them.. See the instructions with more pics over in our makeup section for Hobbit Feet.   For safety I placed a zig zag pattern of clear silicone caulking on the bottoms of each shoe to prevent slipping on wood floors. 

Total cost was around $25.00 for both costumes together. Sorry no pointed ears due to the fact that my 5 and 7 year olds would have them pulled off very quickly.

Watching for the Nazgul Hobbits watching in the woods

Just a quick note: I'm the "hobbits" Dad and sewed the costumes all by hand including the faux leather scabbards and pack!. These are my first attempts at costume and clothing making.



Hobbiton | Hobbiton 2 | Hobbiton 3 | Hobbiton 4 | Hobbits 5 | Hobbits 6

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