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Jen G.'s Examples, Alberta Canada

by Emma and Jen G. (aka Magpie Jen or Laughing-Magpie), Modeled Emma

Arwen's Blood Red Dress

Why Oh Why was this costume cut from the theatrical release of The Two Towers?!? Grrr.

 Under Dress – no pattern really, (although armscyes were copied from another pattern - Butterick 5944 actually – which looks like a good choice for an Elven type shirt or duster and the skirt was made with Simplicity 8946 as a reference for a back train) mostly made by draping with a muslin. It is a long dress without any closures – it is pulled over the head. There are no darts or princess seams, all the fitting was done at the side-seams. The skirt is floor length in front and slightly trained in the back. The skirt and sleeve lining are dusky rose polyester satin. The sleeves are half-circles with the armhole at the center and are made from a red steamed synthetic velvet. The sleeves are bag lined. The bodice is an embroidered (thread, metallic and plastic) rosy silk from a sari shop and it comes down to about the natural waist where it’s attached to the skirt. The neck and upper arm are trimmed with a gold metallic and red silk blend.


Over Dress – A synthesis of Burda 8909 (to get an idea of the straps, neckline, armholes and top of the dress) and Simplicity 8946 (for the back train, and we also tried to use the lines of the train at the side seams so that the skirt would ‘pool’ in the front as well as the back) and draping with the muslin. No princess seams or darts and it’s pulled on over the head. The straps and neckline at the front are trimmed with the embroidered silk from the under-dress. The fabric is a black steamed synthetic velvet, and the skirt is floor-length in front, then trains at the sides and back.

 Usually both dresses are worn bustled in the back for practical reasons. We decided to go with the ‘no cap sleeves’ interpretation of the dress, and when worn right, the under-dress trim does line up with the over-dress strap in such a way that it sort of looks like cap sleeves.

 A long brunette wig from a theater friend’s closet and Wootchi latex ear tips complete the look.

 This costume of Arwen’s was worn at the premiere of The Two Towers, 2002, Wellington, New Zealand.


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