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Jen G.'s Examples, Alberta Canada

by Jen G. (aka Magpie Jen or Laughing-Magpie),

Eowyn: Sparring Outfit and Traveling Coat (Brown Fur-trimmed Coat)

 Blue Layer

 Skirt – A-line skirt with hook and eye closures at the front, front and back splits to just below the hips. Shirt – copied a shirt I owned which fit, then played with the muslin, armscyes and shoulders are from Butterick 5944 (a pattern I think is handy for other LOTR costumes). The neckline is bias tape hemmed with the same blue fabric as the shirt and top-stitched with gold metallic thread. The sleeves from elbow to mid-hand are slightly bell-shaped. Strips of the same blue fabric were punched with holes, hemmed, then hand-sewed to the sleeves on either side of the sleeve seam and angled so that, when laced, the sleeve is drawn tight. The lacing extends to the wrist, leaving a bit of the sleeve free over the hand. Cords were made from the shirt fabric and are long enough so that once the lacing to the wrist is done they can be looped around the wrist (or upper arm if the sleeve is rolled up) and tied. Extra blue cords were made for tying around the upper arm. The fabric was found in the upholstery section and is a ‘linen look’ synthetic drapery fabric with a silky feel and visible grain with different colored threads in it.

Brown Dress/surcoat

Inspiration from Vogue 2562, but modified in the muslin to get rid of darts and the sides were extensively changed. The original version of this dress has side splits from the armhole to hips with loops from brown crepe wool for lacing up the sides, then to give the skirt some fullness I put two big box pleats on either side of the side seam at the hip (with the corners hand-tacked down), and then split the seams again from just below the hip. I may change this dress now that I’ve seen TTT to be split all the way down with lacing to just below the hip (and I’ll also add the gold detailing on the neckline). I made two little ‘caps’ and hand sewed them to the shoulder straps. The fabric is hand-spun and woven brown cotton (‘khadi’ cotton) from India with nubblies and an obvious grain. The facings are a dark brown wool crepe. This is worn over both the blue skirt and shirt.

 Brown Traveling Coat/ Fur trimmed Coat

Mostly made from a muslin, but Butterick 5944 was again used to give guidance to the center front closures, armscyes and sleeves. A full-skirted coat, slightly shorter in the front and skimming the ground in back. Loops made from self-fabric and simple gold buttons close the coat from just below the fur trim to just below the hips, then the skirt is split in front. A hidden snap holds the fur trim together at the center front neckline. The coat is a thick brown 100% wool suiting I discovered I owned in my stash and the fur trim is a faux fur – it wraps around the sleeve and skirt hems by about 2” both above and below. I vow never to work with faux fur again!! That is icky icky stuff – I think I broke 4 needles on one sleeve, and I’m still picking fur out of the carpet. Cords were made from the brown wool and wrap around the upper arms. This coat is worn over the blue skirt/shirt and brown dress.


A silver polymer clay brooch I sculpted to look like the Celtic knot-work horse seen in the ‘Rohan brooch’ being officially produced by the Noble Collection. In the movie it’s clearer that she is wearing a gold ‘sunburst’ sort of brooch with a jewel in the center, so I might do something like that eventually.


This costume of Eowyn’s was worn at the premiere of The Two Towers, 2002, Wellington, New Zealand.





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