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Kristi's Examples - Tennessee, USA

Finduilas, mother of Boromir and Faramir

The character is Finduilas of dol Amroth (mother of Boromir and Faramir).

The posed picture was taken for submission to  TORn's costume contest for 2002, which I didn't win (*sniff!) and the other was after the TTT opening around 3:00 a.m... The other is from a halloween party and you can see the dress in motion!

I used Butterick pattern #3552, view A, without the attachable train. I did need to modify it, as I made it out of a spandexy material and lined it with bathing suit material. The drape is unreal (not to mention extremely comfortable!), but the added weight meant that the front of the dress was WAAAY too low on me. So I took up a good 4 inches in the shoulder, so my  sleeves are pretty tight under the arm, but it was worth it.

My mom started teaching me to sew in around 4th grade, and I used to do a lot more of it before learning to knit in college. I am now all inspired, though, with these gorgeous costumes from FotR!!


Also check out her Eowyn Green Gown

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