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Aya's Examples   New York, USA

Click on pictures for enlargements.

Eowyn's Fir Trimmed Coat

I used McCall's pattern 3686. I raised the neckline a bit and maid it less pointed in the center (although the photos you can't really tell that!) and made it quite a bit wider; now it sits almost at the edges of my shoulders. I also put the eight buttons in the front spaced as evenly as I could manage (somehow I measured them and they're STILL uneven) from the top button to the bottom one which I placed relatively arbitrarily, at about the top of the inseam where Eowyn's seems to be; they are rather large, but there's no way I could have made a dress that could slip over my head (plus the material wasn't stretchy) and I didn't feel like messing with hooks and eyes or something that would be too difficult to get on and off. Of course I added the swoop in the front, as well. The sleeves are nowhere near as large as the ones of the original costume; as it is they are fingertip length and a little too long to be really functional. I will probably shorten them about two inches.

The lining is a mid-heavyweight black cotton, while the outside is a very dark brown crepe; both pieces were cut from the same pattern, in the same size. They are attached at the front/neckline, as well as at the ends of the sleeves. I hemmed the bottoms separately.

I have not found any fur, so I trimmed it all with marabou feather boas which are quite fluffy, have a nasty habit of leaving feathers EVERYWHERE, but are quite soft. I just hand-tacked them on.

I will add the cords to the sleeves as soon as I find some dark cording (my attempts to make it out of the crepe failed in a miserable ball of unraveling wool) to do it with, probably just tacked on and without particularly trailing ends. I also need to get a nice brooch!


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