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Human Hall, Part 7

Here we feature costumes from our folks who have recreated some of the Humans from Middle-earth.

Work here represents recreations at all skill levels.

Picture hyperlinks will open to more details about the costumes.

Maggie's Eowyn Gowns

Maggie - USA

Eowyn's Green Gown

This Eowyn Green gown was made from an original pattern - the yoke is quilted and uses bullion trim. The neckline is lined with the same bullion used on the movie costume. For details on construction and research, see



Eowyn Shieldmaiden gown

This gown was made suede fabric, china silk, and crinkled jacquard silk. For details on construction and research, see

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Maniaiel's Rohan Dress

Mathilda - Poland

Click the pic for more pictures

Eowyn's Shield Maiden

Jessica - Washington, USA

More information on her site:




Cassandra/SisterSola  - British Columbia, Canada


More information on the costume specifics is on my page.

Eowyn's Shield Maiden




Heather - New Zealand

That was my first attempt at sewing something for me, without having any help whatsoever! In fact it was pretty much my first attempt at sewing ANYTHING without having any help! And it worked, so of course I was very proud of myself! I wore it to the Air New Zealand Christmas Party at Hummingbird in Wellington on December 1st, 2003 (coinciding with the premiere of ROTK!!) and I had people coming up to me saying it looked great, where did I get it, and they were amazed that I had made it myself. There were also people taking photos of me, too, which was pretty surreal!

For the dress and main vest patterns, I went through the pattern suggestions and used Simplicity 5834 - dress - and Simplicity 5746 - vest- and then I got ambitious and made a corset following the designs of one of the "Eowyn's" in the Scrapbook section. Can't quite remember what material the dress is - NOT silk as I couldn't quite afford that, but something nice and flowy! The vest is brown velvet and I got the trim from .

Eowyn's Green Gown

Brannon J. - Ohio, USA


Check out her other outfit: Rossie

Faramir's Ranger Outfit

Sidhe - Ohio, USA

Scott modeling.

Click the pic for details and more pictures

Check out more of her work:
bulletBlood Red


Eowyn's Riding Dress

Kristin V -  Michigan, USA

I chose to copy Eowyn’s Riding Outfit partly really caught my eye in the interview clip and partly because I wanted to do something no one else had.  Keeping in mind Cat’s options of perfection, cheapness, and timeliness, I opted for cheapness and relative quickness.  It took me eleven hours and five dollars to make the outfit.

I’m horrible with patterns and almost a complete sewing amateur so I constructed the outfit from secondhand clothes.  I got a long khaki skirt, long-sleeved brown tee, and a brown stretch-velvet dress for fifty cents each at the local Salvation Army.  The skirt had very non-Middle Earth patches and ruffles so I removed them.  I took the sleeves off the brown tee, and because it was a bit baggy in the waist, took it in an inch on each side.  I also took it up in front about half an inch.  Then I removed the sleeves from the velvet dress.  Unfortunately, the dress’s sleeves were very short so I used the tee’s sleeves as a pattern to make extensions from the rest of the dress.  I sewed the extensions onto the sleeves, and then sewed the new sleeves to the brown tee.  I made the cowl from the bottom of the dress.  It slips over my head and the stretchiness keeps it in place.  The leftover sleeves I converted into a belt and used a single snap to fasten it.  Just for fun, I used the velvet scraps to trim the skirt’s hem. 

The buttons down the front are real.  I bought a package of plain white ones from Jo-Ann’s Fabrics for a dollar and used three 1 oz. bottles of metallic gold fabric paint from Wal-Mart to decorate the sleeves, cowl, belt, shirt’s hem, and buttons.  ,  I simplified the pattern on the hem on the shirt to a wavy line with a flower in the “valley” and a leaf in the “hump.”  The pattern for the belt was two wavy lines that intersected, creating circles.  I alternated putting stars and snowflakes in the circles.  To simulate Eowyn’s clasp, I painted a triangle over the snap.  The cowl’s pattern was a more complicated version of the shirt’s hem but the sleeves were my Waterloo.  I could not for the life of me figure out the original . . . and I was running out of paint.  I settled for clusters of three flowers and stems with the occasional leaf interspersed with curly S’s and dots. 

To complete the outfit, I wore black leather boots and flower earrings.  The sword I got a few years ago from a pawnshop – neither fake nor cheap but it fits Eowyn’s “warrior woman” personality.

If you do not have a web site or a photo album, we can put the pictures our our server...  Contact us at

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