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Sidhe - Ohio, USA

Faramir's Ranger Outfit

Worn by my husband Scott

My husband's Faramir outfit was definitely the most challenging costume I've made so far.  I'm a new costumer, but I knew I wanted my husband to have a Faramir costume to go with all the Eowyn ones I wanted to make for myself!

As the base pattern piece, I used Simplicity 5574 for the jerkin/doublet, and used brown colored duckcloth as the base fabric. 

For the leatherwork on the front of the doublet, I scoured thrift shops until I found an old leather bomber jacket for $2.  I used the whole back of the jacket for the chest piece, and scraps of the rest of it for every other leather piece on the outfit.  The leather back did have two seams in it, but I incorporated it into the design so that it looked intentional.  I curled the unfinished leather edges under, and sewed the leather piece to the front of the completed doublet, (leather needles were my friends during this project) and then used Fabritack (also very useful for this project) to glue down any area I might have missed. 

After that, I used a wood burner tool to etch the Tree of Gondor design into the leather.  I loved the way it looked so much when it was done, I almost didn't want to color it in, but I knew I wanted it to be authentic!  I used silver acrylic paint to fill in the design, with a metallic silver sharpie to sharpen up the edges. 

The doublet sleeves were quilted using the design shown on ACS, and tacked into place at the shoulder of the doublet.  Instead of lacings (my husband didn't want too many lacings to have to deal with) we used hook and eyes for the under arm closures of the short sleeves.
For the undertunic, I attached pre-quilted, tea-dyed sleeves to the green simple tunic...I didn't figure I needed to make a separate white undershirt with quilted sleeves when no one would ever know the difference anyway!   The undertunic also closes with simple hooks and need to get fancy when no one is going to see it anyway!
I purchased a pair of dark brown flat front pants from a thrift shop to wear under everything, and made the green cloak to match the undertunic using McCalls 2853 (not sure if that's still in print) which is a very simple cloak pattern that doesn't take a lot of yardage.  Finally, for the boots, we had brown Minnetonka Moccasins that we cut the top fringe off of.  The bracers were purchased off the internet.
I still have work to do on this costume...I'd like to add a belt, quiver, more accurate bracers, and a sword.  But the basic costume is finished.

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