Cathy's Examples

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Kira's Examples         - Texas, USA

A Blue Elven Dress

Click on pictures for enlargements.

The dress is constructed from poly-satin (underneath) and poly-chiffon, embellished with sequins on the bodice and on the edge of the sleeves.  I used an old dress pattern that happened to have the draped neckline and altered the waistline to drop into a V-shape.  The sequins can be bought in ribbon form and were stitched via sewing machine in a random pattern.  I left the sleeves full from the shoulder to the ground for greater effect.

The material for the cape was just too expensive, so I purchased a light-weight white cotton blanket for $10 and constructed the cape from Simplicity pattern 9887.   The Lorien leaf brooch was purchased from The Nobel Collection. 

The crown is made from very basic items:  aluminum wire from the hardware store and gold foil leaves that can be purchased at any bakery supply shop.  Once the pieces of aluminum were assembled, I soldered some areas and cover those points with hot-glued leaves.   Certain areas of the aluminum wire were also painted gold. 

For the dress brooch, I cut the design from a single sheet of stainless flashing (also from the hardware store) and painted it with silver and white enamel (nail polish) and several coats of clear enamel to seal it. 

The belt is made from 3 separate old belts and were covered with white cotton and embellished with white glitter in the pattern shown on your website for the actual belt. 


The phial is a Waterford crystal bud vase with a crystal stopper on top.  
Galadriel's ring was purchased from Applause

Even though Galadriel did not have a staff, I created this one specifically for the Fellowship of the Ring movie and have enclosed photos of it also. 


I also intend to create 2 more staffs with all the characters from The Two Towers and from the Return of the King. 

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