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Aurora  -  Alberta, CANADA

The White dress was made by Emma.  The Circlet is "Arwens" headpiece from the Noble Collection, and the ring is of course "NENYA", which is also from the Noble Collection - they are all certified reproductions, and they come with certificates of authenticity.  The sword is a REAL antique longsword (it was very heavy!)... the original owner had his name scribed on the blade.  It belongs to friend of mine.  (I have Arwen's sword - it's beautiful!... but the designer wanted to use an "old looking" sword) 

The cloak in the "warrior" shots is a "coach cloak" and is crushed velvet.  The black pants are a pair of my riding pants, and the shirt is a black satiny tunic.  The belt is simply black leather, and the boots are one of my many pairs of riding boots.  The gloves are (of course) riding gloves.  i had a leaf brooch.... but we did not use it.  My makeup is quite metallic... shimmer!  All natural colours though.  The ears were from "Nu Products"... they worked pretty good.  My hair is my hair!  There was a wave through it...(hairstylest used a waving iron..)  but it came out due to the humidity. 
All the pictures were taken by DARWIN A. MULLIGAN, of NORTHERN EXPOSURE.



Elf 1 | Elf 2 | Elf 3 | Elf 4 | Elf 5 | Elf 6 | Elf 7 | Elf 8 | Elf 9 | Elf 10 | Elf 11 | Elf 12 | Elf 13 | Elf 14 | Elf 15

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