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Amaryllis - California, USA

Eowyn's Shieldmaiden

I went on a fabric buying spree one day when my boyfriend (now ex) and I were fighting, because spending money somehow makes me feel better about myself. I bought all of the fabric for this dress, although I had no intention of ever making it. Shortly thereafter, a friend of mine was talking about making it for a convention, and I said, hey, I already bought the fabric, I'll make it. So yeah. I made, and I plan on wearing it, but I...haven't yet. AmiYuy is the one in the pictures.

I used moleskin instead of suede for the corset (cheaper, hehe). I altered a Simplicity pattern (sorry, can't remember the number) for both parts of the corset. I made it a real one, too! With boning, eyelets, and all sorts of layers. It was great. My first corset! I was really proud of how it turned out. Not perfect, but okay.

The embellishments are from Calontir trims. I bought a trim I thought looked close to the embroidery on Eowyn's corset, but then decided that it was way too bright when I got it. I ended up flipping it to the wrong side and just gluing it on that way - I think it looks pretty close. And yes, though you can't see it in the pictures, I actually quilted the entire corset. PAIN IN THE NECK! But worth it.

For the chemise, I used cream Silkessence from Jo-Anns. I looked and looked for a jaquard print similar to Eowyns, but eventually gave up and settled for a plain crinkly polyester fabric.  I was happy with it. I can't remember the pattern I used, sorry ;;; The chemise was a bit of a disaster - I got really confused with the really big sleeves and the lining and it took me FOREVER to get it to fit together with all the sides facing the right way. Then, it turned out to be too short AND uneven! -_- I later added a yoke (definitely doesn't belong in a chemise, but it's all I can do) to the middle, so it's longer and straighter. In some of the photos, AmiYuy has on another underdress under the chemise so it's not ridiculously short.

AmiYuy bought her beautiful wig from WitchWigs. It's the Showgirl wig.  She also bought the sword that appears in some pictures from Ebay.

And that's how the cookie crumbled!

shieldmaiden-sword.jpg is from Admin at .


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This page was last updated 11/21/09