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Anita's Examples   Norway

Asymmetrical Elf

I drafted the pattern myself, with some help from a bodice pattern I already had. It is a 7-panel dress, the skirts are bell-shaped (looks cool when you spin around). The front and the two back panels are in a maroon textured velvet, the sides are brown satin.

I made lacing loops of the velvet which i fastened in the seams between the front/back and sides, the lacing in the sides is a thin silk ribbon. Works great for fitting the dress even more!

I made the dress asymmetrical even though it isn't very "elvish", because I wanted to try something I hadn't already done. A "leaf" is dropping from one side of the neckline, it is gold organza over the maroon velvet, and then embroidered with small golden pearls. The leaf is more complicated than it looks, because I bag-lined it with another piece of velvet and organza so that it would look good even if the wind caught it and turned it upwards...

The arms are made from the same gold organza as the leaf, and are pointed in the bottom. One of the arms is fastened in a velvet tube arm, the other starts just above the elbow and hangs on to a thin velvet band with another of the #%!"# complicated leafs. The neckline and arm are the same in the back too, so that means 4 leafs all together! Time consuming doesn't even start to describe this...

I wore the dress on a picnic with other "elves", and in my grandparents' 80th birthday party. I got quite a few comments, and I love the way the arms flow in the wind!





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