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Heidi's Examples

- Quebec, Canada

Barbie doll sizes costumes

I have made a set of costumes for my children's otherwise boring Barbie, Ken and action man dolls. Considering I have never sewn anything outside of dog sledding harness and booties for the dogs, these came out not too bad and the kids love the costumes. Here is a pic of the Ring Wrath costume of the pretty Barbie doll. I made a little knife too.

Under the gray chase coat on the doll is the famous "Angel dress" However I modified it to be a Methyl riding culottes dress thing, with leaf irrelevant shoulder embellishments if you like, but the picks show the "she Elf" with the coat over the dress.

I have really improved the Gandalf costumes, they are really more realistic and even the adult LOTR fans really like them, people still really like the Nagzul, Ring Wraith, on eof my favs as it is lots of fun for that doll that has a bad haircut or damaged. It is fun to make these costumes for the children's dolls, and at least my son can play as well.

Gandalf and Sauron, version 2   Tabletop battle
Nazgul Galadriel Gandalf the Grey, V1
"Instead of a dark lord you would have a dark queen" Adventures in the Snow Journey Ranger and Wizzard

These are for the 10" Barbie sized dolls. For those Mom's that want to make some of these for their children, the best doll for Arwen is the Lea doll by Mattel. The Horses I found in WalMart for $9.99 Canadian and they are poseable. The kids love to play with the dolls in the costumes, this summer will be fun to watch the adventures.  

See more outfits on her web site <here> .

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