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Ron and Diane  -  California, USA

Eowyn - I mounted her head on a perfect body figure and the skin-tone matched really well. I melted two pieces of shrink tube (one over the other) on the PB neck post and the Eowyn head fit just right. The undershirt was a beige gauze material that I dyed with RIT dye "denim blue." The green material is a suede like fabric.




Legolas - I scalped the hair off a regular Barbie and replaced the wax hair on Legolas and did some reshaping of his facial features.  I also took out some of the bulkiness of his outfit and his boots to make them fit better.

More notes about building it: I have been making custom clothing for action figures for about a year.  I started with an idea to make garb for my Renaissance "Action Wench" and "Action Rogue."  I really enjoy what I do and I have many ideas for more if only I had the time.


Check out more of their miniature work:




Our Cloak Closet | Cloak Closet 2 | Banners | Banners 2 | Dolls 'n' More | Dolls 'n' More 2

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