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News & Updates for January-June 2004

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2005-2006 | Jul-Dec 2004 | Jan-Jun 2004 | Jul-Dec 2003 | Jan-Jun 2003 | 2002 News

As of 12/11/04

As of 11/30/04

  • A lot of the wonderful folks that let us link to them to share pictures with all of you have been changing their photo galleries.  (Thank you to them all!!!!!!)  I fix things  where I can, but this can be very time consuming... I do realize there are still a bunch of dead links.  
    • Did mass fix to Herr de Ringe's links
    • Fixed links from Lovely Liv on Arwen's Blood Red, Hope  and Requiem Gowns
    • Note... there are a bunch of War of the Ring links that have gone bad with their gallery change. 
      • There is no pattern I can find for a search and replace and there are too many links for me to go in and hand fix right now... we'll just have to cope for a while. 
      • Challenge to you techies... can you find a pattern or patterns that would allow me to do "replaces"???
  • Added Alison's convention report on the character Decipher Cards

As of 11/18/04

  • As requested, latest tips on Wig Maintenance made it into a page.
  • Major scrapbook update.  I've put in everything that I have enough information on.  I've sent out messages and not heard back from the rest of you. 
    • Please do check  your own work, including links and proofing.  (Once again, the better spelling has come from overseas... and that's just what I caught.)
    • Looking for your entry???  Family and mixed-race couples are in middle-earth groups.
    • Sorry, not taking time to do all the interactive links... but updates in Elf 17-20, Nasties 2 & 3, Humans 7-8,  Hobbits 4-5, Middle-earth groups 4, cloak 2, banner 2, horse stable 2
    • Please cleanup your photos from the yahoo section now
  • New pattern update from Judy
  • Jules has put our tips on fabric nap together and combined them with Nicole's pictures
  • Judy's updated Celborn to reflect both outfits he wears
  • Updated all the museum stuff.  This means we now have a page for the Sydney exhibit.
    • Hey, now is the time to start making plans for the opening party in Gather.
    • Anyone who wants to help fill in details on what to do there... now's the time to start filling folks in.
  • Added Judy's Ringcon pictures
  • Rae has sent in high rez photos from Comic Con 04 including some views we haven't seen before.  They're in both the exhibit section and with the individual characters
  • New Review from Boston by Rhiannon... lots are Arwen Chase outfit sketches.
  • Fabric cards from Sytske.  Some are very high rez fabric scans including new Ring Wraith
  • Added lots more to fabric distressing and added leather distressing - lots of tips from lots of folks... thanks to Judy for digging up a bunch of the tips.
  • Touched up some cloak information, including Strider's first cloak
  • A bit more work on the Buy it section.  Still a mess, but added foam  and adhesive sources.
  • More link cleanup and additions

As of 10/16/04

  • Quintessential Website is back!!!!  It's now hosted by War of the Ring.  Yea!!!!  I got way lucky... I was able to automate the conversion of the almost  800 links to them.  3 cheers for WAR.
  • Tickets now on sale for the traveling exhibit in Sydney Australia - December 16, 2004 to March 31, 2005
  • More link cleanups and add bits to various making sections.

As of 10/08/04

As of 9/24/04

  • Just moved onto a new sever again.  Emergency move from their point of view.  Geeze, sometime wanna kill the hosting company.  Guess we're just too popular for them.  Now we have our own virtual server.. and the bill to go with it.
  • Misc link cleanup.

As of 9/11/04

As of 8/22

  • Lots of the links have been updated for Arwen.  3 cheers for Johanna who did all the digging.
  • Cleaned up the exhibit section to help with navigation and get more links setup.
  • Scrapbook update - It's a party, more Boston pictures
  • Misc cleanup.

As of 8/17

As of 8/7

  • Thanks to the Comic Con pictures, Katrine has drawn out the embroidery for Eowyn's coronation outfit... and given us more info about what repeats and what doesn't'.  There are two patterns and the fancier one is in two different sizes.  Read up!
  • Finished getting up the Comic Con photos.  The Exhibit pages show only some of the main photos... there are even more in the character pages.  Many thanks to all the photographers: Garfeimao, Heather, Jedi K,  Kelldar Michelle and Silvara for your photos (and the others who offered).  Thank you so much for taking time out of your con running time to take them and get them to us.  Luscious!
    • I tired to get photos thank-yous in the sections where I could, but I keep finding misses since I made so many new pages to accommodate the photos.  I at least have the master sections marked.  If you've questions about any of the photos, they are all IDed by sufex.
      • If anyone on these, or other photos need to be credited different, in a different place, more places or whichever.... please let me know.  I think I'm following everyone's wishes, but  there's a crazy volume now a days.  Just send the URL and I will happily fix.
    • I did expand the Gondor Armor pages out to separate general 3rd age armor from the Citadel Guard. There really still is a lot of overlap, but it helps the page load.   If I've missed updates or expanding the page or I'm pointing to the wrong place, folks can let me know off line.  I'm just not as good at armor as I need to be.
    • We could still use better photos of the Orc.  (What kind is he?) Also more of the King would be nice... with or w/o green light.
    • Links to all the new Comic Con photos can be found on the Comic Con main page, with the Photographers main pictures featured in the the sub sections... so head there and click.
  • Put up a few smocking notes and a bit of additional info in Wormtongue from Feud who knows smocking.
  • Eowyn's Victory Gown and Eowyn's Coronation Gown swatch card.  Image from a card by Maggie.
    • Remember, check out which swatch cards folks have sent in.  If you have one that we don't, please think of sending us a high rez copy.
  • More cleanup for both page load and the nanny filters though out.
    • Page loads are going to get longer.  Apologies to those on dial up, but I'm trying to find a middle ground that excludes no one.  Keep letting me know about those that are just toooooo big.
    • As to Nanny filters... why am I bothering???  Well, besides some of our younger members still having them (who we try not to exclude),  some states have their library filters set really high.  I'm trying to keep us accessible to as many folks as possible but when discussion clothing items and fit... sometimes... it's just not going to happen.  You can send me the exact url's off line and I'll see if I can continue to tweak them.
  • Tweaked numerous descriptions.  I know a lot more still need to be updated...  I updated the dates on the revisions when I change things.  Not all observations on the yahoo list get in... I file them for later.. but can't do it all at once.  Sorry I can't list them all here, but thanks to everyone who contributed... even if I don't have it all in yet.
  • Naming conventions:  Since I had to fix the mess with Aragorn's ROTK costumes I'd made, I found I had to fix naming as well.  What we call his "royal armor" is "Black Gate Armor" both to make it clearer... and because that's the name that Weta uses. His Coronation Armor stays with it's old name, but it's broken into a whole lot of pages.

As of 7/29

As of 7/25

  • There's a surprise exhibit at Comic Con.  All the pictures folks can take.  The first batch are up.  Yummy stuff from Kelldar. A lot of the section got worked on at the same time.  Same costumes as we saw at the FIDM exhibit this year.  While I added pictures... I split pages up and updated some descriptions.  Be sure to check the outfit pages, the crown, the jewelry and fabric descriptions since I'm not linking every page I added to and the Comic Con page is just an overview.
    • Arwen's Coronation Gown
      • Split out fabric and design.  Updated description
      • Edited together info for Arwen's Butterfly Crown.  So now, all pattern info including sizing is all on one easy to find page.
    • Aragorn's Coronation Armor.... discovered while doing the Comic con pictures that I'd forgotten to post a bunch of the FIMD pics... so much nice stuff there
    • While updating pictures on Eowyn's Coronation gown, redid the description.  It's up to date based on observations at at FIDM and ComicCon pictures.  Fabric and design on a whole new page.
    • Redid description for Galadriel's Grey Havens cloak.  Pattern coming soon.  There are enough details on the embroidery that as soon as I get the pattern out, I hope someone will do the flat design.  Enough pictures were added that there is now full bead and fabric detail for the Prolog Gown.
    • Expanded Faramir's coronation and armor page and broke it into a full section.  Detailed descriptions for tunics and embroidery added.
    • Pippins Gondorian Formal Outfit.  Did some updating of the descriptions while adding the pics.  Cloak is completely described.
    • Merry's Armor - Managed to pull up some very good detailing and patters for his helmet
    • Just new pictures from ComicCon without extra updates.  (Well I have to sleep some time!)
      • King of Dunharrow
      • Gondor Armor
      • Orc
        • Yes, I know that whole page/section is a disaster... but to be blunt folks only complain it's a mess and has mistakes and no one volunteers to break it up and fix the whole thing.
  • Finally got the fabric cards put with their individual costumes. 
    • You can see all we have in Buy-it> Fabrics> Cards
    • If you own a card you don't see there, we'd love a photo of it.  High rez. We're literally looking for something like 1600x1200 pixels for these.
  • Anárien sends in some details and sketches on..
  • Started a tips page of metal etching from the latest post.  Mostly warnings.
  • Fixed the news page (this page) so it loads much faster... pealed off all the old news into the new News Archives.
  • Added links around and bits to tips that were on the yahoo board.  Too scattered to mention and just from our yahoo posts.
  • Updated some of the costume descriptions a tad and fixed the aging links.

As of 7/10

OK, I got a bit carried away while I was doing 6 months worth of scrapbook.  The scrapbook alone is now over 250 pages.  Besides pictures in the scrapbook, there are a number of tips.    Techniques are everything from easy and cheap to intense.  Some of these tips ended up in the Quick or main section, especially if they were illustrated and I could cut and paste them.  I'm only mentioning whole page or section things here.

As I was getting carried away... and recognizing this was going to be a publish from heck... I did another round of menu reworking.  (Adding new pages is what kills the publish sometimes.)  Some of the pages are complete.  Some are sparse because I need to cut and paste even more tips in... but that works better when I have a base.

  • Added a new section for Children's LOTR costumes.  Right now it's is a few general tips, links around our site and small breakdowns for Arwen and Hobbits.  Please contribute...  I'm totally clueless about kids... but I know we have great call for this.
  • Circlets, Crowns and Jewelry, OH MY!!
    • This just became a major section... or it will be once I get more articles from folks.  Mostly tips for now.  However, I'd love to host some jewelry making articles  that you folks have written.  For the tips section, they do not need to be LOTR related.  Just helpful to the group.
    • Basically... just expose the whole section, lots new all over.
      • I'm now breaking out "real" jewelry making as it's own section.  Right now, I've assembled tips on soldering and other recent info.  I'd appreciate help... links on the web, etc.
    • More updates on the Arwen Butterfly crown.  Pattern and sizing information.  I've had to retitle this as "Tin sheets" because I've got multiple techniques I need to cover in this section.
    • Added Michelle's tutorial on creating Arwen's Butterfly crown from clay and wire
  • Added Michelle's tutorial on creating an overlace - Arwen's Coronation Gown.
    • Use the link in news to get to this for now since in the middle of a whole empty section on fabric embellishment.
  • Reworked all the info on Eowyn's belts - if anyone objects to the naming, yelp now.
    • The medallion belts now have their own page.  The information has been corrected to reflect the fact that there is a gold and a silver belt.  Also we have an updated pattern for the belt, thanks to Mirjana.
    • Put together all the info and links we have on Eowyn's Triangle Belt
  • Fiddled with the Eowyn section a bit.  More links, moved pictures, etc.  Still much work to do in descriptions but have added links to Maggie's study guides.
  • Added some quick tips and two new pages, Quick Jewelry and Quick Crowns.
  • Scrapbook entries done.... many months of scrapbook.  Sorry all for the delay... much real life.  However, I won't let it get this far behind again... I'd not survive. 
    • Entries everywhere.  Start at the Scrapbook Menu and explore from there.  Many entries every where.  Many tips not to be missed.
      • Elven Grove 12 through Elf 16, Fellowship Trek 4 & 5, Human Halls 6 & 7,  Hobbit Holes 3 & 4,  Nasties Lair 2, Middle Earth Groups 2 & 3, Banners, Dolls 1, Horse Stables 1,  It's a Party - ROTK Opening
    • YOU are responsible for proofing your own scrapbook entry.  Find it, check it and let me know what changes you want.  Provide URL's... don't say purple elf.  Check my yahoo post following this announcement for more info.
  • There are going to be a few place holder pages that are blank right now.  However, it's easier for me to build the menus all at one time.  If something is blank or really light... it means we want stuff.  Please consider writing something up.  OK, in some cases, rewriting.  I need cut and paste items.  I just don't have time to edit together 8 messages into one tip, no matter how good it is.

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