Coronation Armor
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Faramir in Coronation Garb


  • Faramir Coronation Garb Overview
    • Includes his armor (pics below)
    • See the general Gondonian armor for most of the pics and general description. There is some difference in his armor, but where we don't have photos to match, use the general pictures.
  • Coronation T-Tunic (and trim study)
  • Mantle (and trim study)
  • Crown

Coronation Overview

During Aragorn's coronation, Faramir wears his armor.  He wears it without the helm.  He wears a midnight blue/black cloak/mantle that appears to pin on his shoulder. 

There is a wide trim (2-3 inches) that edges both the cloak and the high necked tunic.    The trim is very 3-D. We have a more detailed write-up on this trim page.

Tunic end just a few inches off the ground.  Trim runs all the way down the front.

Sleeves are a quilted royal blue.  There is silver trim on the edge.  The decoration looks like a star, reminiscent of Bo's gambeson sleeves.

Coronation Outfit    
  (or high rez here)  
  Pauldron Sword



Just simple leather riding boots


Exhibit pictures throughout this section thanks to Secrete Elf, Heather Garfeimao, Kelldar, Silvara and Rae

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