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Wig Care and Maintenance

Care and feeding of that hair mop

Preventative care is worth hours of taming.  The cheaper the fiber, the more likely it is to tangle.

Throw away your brush!  Have a comb you use just for your wigs.  Best bet, wide tooth metal.

DO NOT pull the hair as you comb.   Pulling will stretch artificial fibers that will cause a permanent frizz.  It will also pull hair out of wefts.

After you wear your wig, comb it back out and store it carefully.

Storing your wig

Comb it out after wearing and before you wear it.

Keep it's hair net on it when you're storing it if at all possible.  If it is a long wing... carefully curl up the long tail and tuck it inside the hair net in a gentle curve.  Don't twist it too tight or you'll accidentally style your wig.

If you have a long human hair wig and you're looking for ready to wear Galadriel spirals, you may wish to braid it before you put it away.

== Cat

and my .01 - if you store it on a styro-head or wig stand, keep it covered with a scarf to keep dust and dirt out of it (and to keep it from blowing and tangling in the air currents). I keep mine in the hair net back in the box! But if you put it back in it's packaging, make sure to keep the hair net on it or it'll get tangled again.


And, if you really don't have space for boxes or a wig form or a hair net... turn the wig inside out.  Yes, cap on the outside and store in a plastic bag that way.  If the hair is long, give the tail a smooth twist and tuck it in too. Having the hair on the outside sliding against a plastic bag mats it further.

Detangling your wig

First, throw out the brush... period.  Not if you want long term care. Get a wide wire toothed comb. 

Comb out the tangles before you wash it... else you will matt it more before it gets better.

If the wig is really bad, use a spray detangler.

Take the conditioned wig to a table or TV tray and put in a good movie.  Oh, and bring a tiny pair of snips, preferably with a point and some hair clips... and a good movie you've seen before in the DVD player.

Get comfortable... that wig looks like a wild cat... treat it with the same care as you would a tangled cat. 

Just take one section at a time and carefully use the clips to get  the rest of the hair out of the way.  Lay the section against the flat table top.  Comb goes in your main hand, other hand holds the wig fibers flat to the table.  If you need to pick it up to check out a knot, hold the fibers between your thumb and forefinger.

Just comb the bottom inch first.  Don't pull.  Work it with your fingers if you have to.  Soft strokes... like petting a cat. Hold the fibers yourself. Get that inch detangled.    You should be able to.  Sometimes you will be separating out a stand or two at a time. 

If you absolutely possibility cannot get a knot out... get it down to as few of hairs as possible.   Then pick up the snips, or cuticle scissors and try to cut just a hair or two.  Often that's enough to get the knot out.  I've know folks that will use a pin to separate the hair first to save good lace front wigs from the back tangle.

Once you have the bottom inch combed, move up and comb out the next inch so now you're combing two inches.  Don't worry if some of the curl is
coming out not... a lot of it will come back later.

Keep adding an inch at a time... don't get impatient... you'll find that you comb the knots down lower... if it is a really bad area, like the back... you may have to start back at that last inch again.  However, it will go faster this time.

Once you have the whole section done, pin it up carefully and move to another section... start from scratch.

When all of the sections are done... unclip.  Put on a wig head... carefully comb though it again ... now you're blending the sections back together.  You'll still hit some tangles...  remember... soft... you're still "petting the cat". 

Now start looking at what it takes to put the style back.  You may just need to pull some curls out and wrap them around your finger for a moment... or it may take a new set.

What you do next time... wearing a wig is like taking care of any part of the costume.  Consider combing it out after wearing like cleaning the glue off your ears. 

The same works for synthetic wigs.. just use different cleaning and
detangling solutions.

== Cat, with extra notes from Kay Dee

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Intro and Terms | Wearing Wig Tips | Altering Wig Tips | Wig Care | Human Hair Wig

LOTR Home | Elven Faces | Arwen Makeup | Hobbit Feet | All About Ears | Elven Hair | All About Wigs | Removing Eyebrows | 5 O'Clock Shadow | Beard Stubble | Foam Gelatin Recipe

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