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Creating Arwen's Lace - Coronation Gown

== by Michelle P.

While this example is specific to Arwen's Coronation Gown, these same techniques of cutting up lace appliqués can be used to create other fancy over-laces and trims.

The heavily embroidered lace from Arwen's Coronation Gown is beautiful.  It is what separates this gown from the other two part gowns.  However, it would incredibly expensive if we could find it.

Here is an example of how to create the look using much more affordable fabrics.

The original dress's sleeve lace and beading.







The sleeve lace pattern.

A fairly detailed drawing of the lace pattern by Alraune


I picked up  light green lace top  from eBay (Oh I LOVE eBay), and completely cut it up to use the lace.

This lace I sewed onto the upper sleeve.


I found some white lace appliqués on eBay.  I cut these up into small medallions and then painted them with fabric paint (to get the right color). 
I laid out the medallions in the pattern I saw in the pictures.
I then hand sewed these onto my lace Sleeve in the pattern as near to the original, that I could get (pic4), then I beaded it all.
Final result has the signature sleeves.

Check out Michelle's full scrapbook entry <here>

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