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Fabric  & Trim Embroidery Tips

much more coming later, just starting here

Bullion embroidery

Maggie's study of the Mourning Gown using Bullion Embroidery: http://www.costumersguide.com/mourning3.shtml


 Includes links on books and web sites.

Machine Embroidery

One of the ways that Weta handled the problem of scale was to have the costumes made up at multiple scales.  Just as the fabric was woven in multiple scales, so to the embroidery comes in multiple sizes.  

A digitized picture can be resized. One is run in normal size.   One is  run extra bit.  So if your reproduce the trim in two sizes and put someone next to just an edge of a robe with oversized trim... they look smaller.

 It looks  like a lot of their trim were created  from their own designs instead of store bought.  The repeat patterns that we see on the trim do not appear to be any bigger than a large machine embroidery hoop.  That is about one foot long.  You even see this in Sauron's and Gandalf the white's trim.

== Cat

I am in the process of getting the embroidery done for my WW gown. I've discovered something that's important to know. When you take a design into a shop to have it embroidered on a computerized machine, you pay to have the image "digitized", as well as actually stitched. The bigger and more complicated the image, the more expensive it is to digitize.

I brought the digital version of the WW embroidery (it's a .gif file) from ACS into my local shop to get an estimate. The .gif image is for the right 'leg' of the v-neckline. The owner ... noticed that the image is just one motif repeated three times. She could digitize that one motif, which could then just be set to repeat itself. Wow, I'm glad she noticed that.

If you look at Eowyn's WW neckline, the embroidery can be broken down thus: the side motif repeated 3x for the right 'leg', the side motif flipped horizontally and repeated 3x for the left 'leg', and a different center motif for the point of the 'v'. 

== bastetbabe27

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