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Painting Trim & other Cheets

much more coming later, just starting here

Painting the Design

Another method of painting fabric trim is to use a fabric medium mixed in it is right in the paint sections of your craft dept.  It is mixed on a 2 to 1 mixture if I remember.  This leaves the painted stuff more flexible and washable.

== Night Trayvn

Yes, do mix the acrylic fabric paint with fabric medium. I've used it half and half when making heraldic banners and surcotes for Shakespeare, also for simulating celtic embroidered trim on gowns in King Lear.

I've also diluted acrylic fabric paint with water, making a kind of spritzable watercolor which worked beautifully on a Princess Leia Endor poncho, and on distressing costumes for shows (making them look waterstained, etc.) It works almost like a direct-application dye.
(only easier, I think)

The fabric medium does not cut the color of the paint, it just makes it more flexible so it doesn't crack in the wash. You will like it!

== Sarah S

I've spray painted lace before using a metallic gloss spray paint that I bought at Wal-mart.  Sorry, I don't recall the brand.  It didn't turn super shiney, but rather an antiqued silver look, which I loved.  It's no more stiff than any other metallic trim and really looks quite lovely.

== Aranel

Jedi ElvenQueens' Fabric Paint Embroidery Tutorial


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