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News for 2005 - 2006 

As of 9/11/2006

  • Judy's pattern updates.  She's fixed all the dead links.
  • Scrapbook, just a small amount of new updates, mainly correction.  But cools stuff, go check it out.
  • Misc cleanup - main focus is on the Halloween in LA section right now, sorry.
  • Yes, we're aware of the dead links in the character write-ups, we're going to get some temp pictures up soon, others will follow later.

As of 7-10

Scrapbook updates:

  • Corrections to a number of pages.  Since they're scrambled I'm going to list by name so you can check them out.
  • Elf 25-26,  Human 10 (lots of changes), Human 11 -12, Middle Earth Groups 5,

As of 3/1

Added Judy's early spring pattern updates... Not a lot new but a lot of patterns were "retired".  Updated Elves, Humans and the Shape Index.

Fixed the errors on the Site Map - Thanks all.  Keep those corrections coming. Also suggest additions to the summary.

Did some cleanup over in King Kong over the last month... Will go into the details over on F-costume for those playing beyond LOTR.

On my base web, have been doing large chunks of updating... for Southern California folks, I'm updated all the way though to the fall.  There are lots of faires coming up and other fun events... check out my Costume Events in LA calendar.

Now the big one... The long awaited scrapbook ( http://www.alleycatscratch.com/lotr/scrapbook/ ) is here.  Over 100 costumes added.  I apologized for the long delay and thank everyone for their patience with me over this last year.

While I was working on it, I also went though and cleaned up every dead link in the section, also over 100.  I fixed everything I could and search for links for new options before deactivating a link.

Here's where I need everyone's help... if you have EVER submitted a scrapbook entry, please go back and check you entry, this is double for the new entries.  Are the links OK?  Is the information OK? Do you just want a new picture or something tweaked????  Write scrapbook@alleycatscratch.com with the changes and follow the steps below.

ON ALL CHANGES:  Please give me the exact page URL, cut and paste it.  Please don't say 'the green elf'.  Identify which costume on that page, by title.  Tell me exactly what needs to be changed -- link on picture, work hyperlink, etc.  Don't let me guess.  I have a tendency to work on scrapbook at 1am.  If you want a new picture, please attach the picture.

IF YOU HAVE NOT SUBMITTED AN ENTRY TO SCRAPBOOK... now is the time.... I'll be doing another update in the next few weeks.  Please follow the instructions at http://www.alleycatscratch.com/lotr/scrapbook/#Submitting to make everyone's life easier.  Remember that the pictures you put in the Yahoo photo album are just temporary.  We clean that out occasionally to share space between the thousands of members we have.  The Scrapbook entries stay.

A note on add in the scrapbook...  I've placed them at various menu and will be adding scattered bits.  As the web moves forward, they will be on every new scrapbook page.  As for folks who have older entries... I've only placed them on a few pages -- those that for varying reasons had over 500 views this last month.  If you wish to have the adds removed until I get them on everyone's page, please write me off list.... but the Google adds are there so we can earn a few pennies here and there to help pick up the site costs.  Please understand and bear with us on that.  I've tried to place them where they won't be too annoying, yet will still be seen.

Oh.... and for the fantasy costumes we have...  I've got a small section of this gigantic web where I have my own costumes... my fav being my Snow Queen.  I've decided that I will collect photos examples of Snow Queen's there... so if you have a sample of one, share them with me and I'll put them up with mine. Do it just like Scrapbook entries.  Boba has a great entry with her daughter from last year's carnival.  Check out our costumes at http://www.alleycatscratch.com/costumes/SnowQueen.htm .  (No, there are no pictures of me with that costume.. and while I did get some of the information updated... no, I'm not done yet.  What's there is more about how it all goes together.

And just for giggles... I added up the total number of web pages of everything that is Alley Cat Scratch... drum roll please.... 1193 total pages.  (Can I faint now?)

For those that care about silly details...

  • 9 different webs that make up the whole site... and the page counts...
    • 556 for LOTR
    • 375 for LOTR Scrapbook
    • 42 for Future Fashion Folio
    • 9 for Movie (but it's just a launch point for the research)
    • 70 for Kong
    • 22 for the exhibit photos, so far
    • 1 for the Masquerade Handbook - but that has to change soon.  The whole book needs to go online.
    • 106 for the base pages like LA's local calendar and misc archives and my personal stuff
    • 12 for the little vanity site for my last house.
  • No, sometimes I can't tell them apart without a scorecard.

Remember... that's why we have the Site Map Summary .  Use it and the search button (that's on the left hand side of every menu.  Site map is under news - go figure)

Next project - I've got a number of sketches and submissions from folks I haven't put up... I'm going to start chewing though those... as we start putting up some caps along with our definitive studies of the costumes.......... so, a long project ahead with additions to both Making Em' and the main Character sections.  I ask the folks that submitted tutorials to be patient... I'm going to be chewing though the backlog in a very weird order... so don't worry... I do get to the stuff... eventually. I will yelp when I think I'm caught up.  (And yes, I also have to chew though researching getting us on a good stable WIKI/CMS set of software.... but my to-do list still looks like Mount Everest... but at least Mount Kilimanjaro has been conquered! )

As of 1/21/06

Threw together the big notes from the Indy Exhibit and put them all in one place.  Not everything is there... but at least we have Mary Jane's comments all in one place.

Been doing under-the-hood cleaning on the site... so if you have any trouble with the menus, please let me know.  There's not a whole lot to see, mostly cleanup and index.  Two things to help with navigation...

  •  We now have a better site map.  I got rid of the old useless auto-generated one that gave far too much information and I created an overview.  This site map summarized the major webs and any tabs on them that have lots of pages under them or are big spots for information.
  • Also, the Making 'Em tab (and under it Construction Tips), has been hard for folks to navigate.   I added a summary index there too.  Not every page under it is mentioned, but at least you'll be able to see all the sections in one place and I've highlighted a few of the more popular articles.

I'm trying to push  things into a bit more of a clean organizational tree though out the whole Alley Cat Scratch Costume website -- so we can find thing better. 

LOTR Costume and a lot of the other sub-webs have been growing like an out of control tree.  A lot of my work has been/and is going to be done to control the beast.  To organize and create a better flow for research, I've created a mini web to use as a starting point for anyone interested in our movie costume research.  As time comes up, or when I just need a break from elves, more movies will come up.

An organizational change.... new top of the pile for movie costumers...

  • Movie Costume Study - http://www.alleycatscratch.com/movie/
    • Under it will be the movies that we study on the site
      • LOTR Costume  - *Web
      • King Kong Costume - *Web
        • only 2005 is 3/4 done.  Needs help with proofing and drawings.  Please volunteer
        • 1933 has basic images, but next to no descriptions and still has hard questions to answer on style, and more study and pics.  Again, help requested.
        • Kong makes for great, nice looking, fairly easy hall costumes.
      • Costume Exhibits - *Web
        • This is a preexisting website where I've got pics from a few exhibits.
        • If you've a set of pics from an exhibit that need a good home, drop me a note and we can put them up here to share with folks.
      • Movie Costume Links and Resources
        • This page of links replaces what we've had on LOTR costume over in the Community section for other movie costume sites.  New!  Improved!  Expanded!
        • Hopefully this will help you in your research of other movies.

Hopefully, the changes will help at least the new folks that find us... though I hope the Making 'Em map will help everyone explore the site.  

*** Admin Announcements ***

A big change coming is a policy shift.  We're going to be putting some caps up on the website.  The DVDs and books for LOTR have been out for quite a while now, so everyone who was going to buy them, has given the studio money by this point... so, in using caps, or making new ones, no one anywhere is loosing money.  What we will post, will be for study use and within the fair use guidelines.

You'll notice that there are Google Adds on the new pages.  This has become a necessary given how life has been changing.  (This last year was far too "interesting".)  Hopefully, the adds won't be too intrusive... and some may even be useful.  Also, this opens up an avenue to folks who've been asking to advertise on our site - you may do this though Google if you wish.

As to catching up on work: I've got a tremendous backlog to get posted into the web while at the same time, we're going to start looking at Wiki and content management tools.  So, please hang with us as the backlog gets pumped out as fast as possible.  This year has got to be better than last!  You'll see your info posted and a lot of cool updates.  Just hang in there a bit longer.

As of 12/10

There's been an announcement that the Te Papa Museum in New Zealand will have another exhibit of LOTR artifacts and costumes.  The scheduled dates are April to October, 2006.  See more details on this news article: http://www.stuff.co.nz/stuff/0,2106,3504479a14297,00.html .

As of 11/08 & before

Just kept the new bits updated in October, to crazy with off line questions otherwise.

  • Judy's fall pattern update  (my bad it's late)
  • Bits of updates on the Indy exhibit events, stay tuned on gather for the latest.

As of 9/28

Absolute latest news for the Indy Museum's Opening Weekend Gathering.

As of 9/22

Just news and event update... sorry.  Been spending more time just correcting the mess of a software upgrade.

As of 8/14

Just a news update...  am working on finishing the Scrapbook.  Send in your costumes.

As of 7/19

Another mini update (scrapbook is coming)

As of 5/9

Just a mini update...

  • Casting Belt Buckles in Metal, by Ason
    • Right now this is directly under Construction Tips.
      •  Eventually I need to make a special section for all forms of casting... but I'll let you know when I move things.. or link them better.  Right now you need to search a tad... There are two casting articles there and then the ear casting is under makeup.
  • Judy contributes some more fabric card backs.
    • If you collect these cards, please see if we have it yet
  • link fixes

As of 4/29

  • Not quite LOTR, but Movie Costume related instead, there's a whole new section "Costume Exhibits" and over 100 pictures from Crescentwench at the Canadian exhibit of "50 Designers / 50 Costumes"
    • Look for this section to grow, more will be put up in the coming weeks.
    • Also, if you're doing a costume web for these other movies, Crescentwench has granted use permission... so let them fly, fly away.
    • If you've got photos you've taken at any kind of exhibit and would like to give the a home with ACS, just let me know.
  • Judy's pattern updates and more detail added to the shape index.  (See her message post for more details) and it's correct this time... really.
  • Eowyn's Funeral Gown
    • Revised description (OK, two year overdue here)
    • Mantle trim study - Thanks to Nikki.  (Note: this is not finalizes.  A few more nits need to be picked, but it's close.
    • Mantel and hood pattern - Please feel free to pick apart.  Consider it a rough run... but it's interesting to note with this pattern, there's no more than a few inches of wasted fabric.
  • Scattered updates of questions and answers from the last few weeks.
  • A few misc link updates as always.

As of 4/2/2005 (and  summary of interim updates)

  • Judy's pattern updates for everything.  She's added Burda patterns as well.
  • Major rewrite of the Eowyn's Green Gown.  Now matching it to FIDM descriptions.
  • First major write-up of Arwen's Cranberry Gown
    • Sorry for the delay
    • Still waiting for folks to submit sketches
  • Pattern for Eowyn's Circlet - also created new page, thanks to Mel
  • Arwen's Bridge Dress
  • Major update of the Topps Card Fabric Swatches (over in Buy It)
    • (showing that I do listen to the complaints) I've broken down the page into a set of pages so the load time should be much better.
    • Some of the cards are still going to be very large, but now most fabrics also just have a fabric details picture so you don't have to open the 1 meg files anymore.
    • Folks who do have these card, please check and see what I'm still missing.  I need back for a lot of cards.. those don't have to be large scans, just readable.  Also, if you have a card that has a fabric with pattern that shows a different version of the same fabric, please send that in.
    • No, these new mini pics have not been moved over into the main section.  We need to get everything cleaned up here and then I'll move them
  • Slash and expand a sleeve pattern for upper arms, thanks to Sarah S
  • Expanded the How to work clay section
    • Think I got all the tips from the last 3 years in there now.  Still will do a summary of a number of the leafs later.  Please feel free to write more.... tips or clay articles.
    • Added Justin's instructions for sculpting on flexible surfaces... like Legolas's bow
  • Pictures for 2nd age Gondor Soldier, thanks to Tyellas
  • Hobbits (yea it still needs a lot more work, but fixed a little)
    • Females
      • finally have some of the old pictures up.  Thanks to Leah & Emma.  (And thank you for your patience for waiting for me for so long... and Lav, yes I know I still need to merge all of your stuff in, sorry)
      • fixed links
    •  Males
      • Added a couple of pictures and fixed links
  • Pulled out some images from the ROTK premier
  • Added extra bits in Fabric Dying.
  • Replaced all the bad links on the Angel dress and fixed descriptions a bit.
  • Updated Traveling exhibit info.
    • Sydney has been extended
    • Houston tickets on sale -
      • midnight opening, created a page for events
    • Indiana has ticket and event info posted so I've created a page for them.
      • The films will be showing at their IMAX theater
      • Plan for a midnight opening - let me know what to update in events...
  • And, a number of link updates.  Yes, I know that half the War of the Ring links http://www.warofthering.net/ are incorrect, but they've changed their photo gallery, so it's going to be a while.  Please check out their photo gallery sorted by movie and character.
    • I think I've got all the links cleaned for Arwen's Bridge, Arwen's Cranberry

As of 1/26/05

As of 1/3/05

  • Dates confirmed for both upcoming exhibits
    • Houston Museum of Natural Science - June 5, 2005 - August 28, 2005
    • Indiana State Museum - October 6, 2005 - January 3, 2006
  • This isn't LOTR, but it has some wonderful costumes in the exhibit
    • 50 Designers/ 50 Costumes: Concept to Character
      • The Design Exchange
        • www.dx.org
        • Toronto, Ontario, Canada
        • February 12 - April 19, 2005

For older info... please check our New Archive.

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