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Rohan Armor and Soldiers

They tend wear a Viking  dark ages type of clothing.

This is just a rough dump... more as we collect data and have time to study it.

(High rez pic here)   Fuzzy, but slightly different angle
  Shoulder detailing.  Not the intense leaver working and Celtic type design  
  Tooling on the leather straps of the tassets  
(or high rez here) Note the stylized vambrace/gauntlet loops over the thumb and there is a glove underneath Note belt detailing
Axe decoration even include a small horse head    
    Soldiers on parade, ROTK Wellington Premier

ROTK photos thanks to Green Leaf, Sytske, Tyellas and ToRN's Wellington gallery

Comments from Richard Taylor, 12/02 New Zealand Herald

  • Best bits:  Quotes from Richard Taylor:
    • [Rohan] "ride horses, so they are very much of the horse culture and their whole lives exist around their ability to utilize horsecraft at a high level"
    • "Just a helmet took a considerable amount of design. In the pursuit of realism, it was beaten out of plate steel, acid etched into steel, and had handworked leather. Then we finally took silicon moulds to replicate to create the stunt double version."
    • "It's very much Norman/Saxon influenced."

One of the Rohirrim costumes displayed in London came with a round shield. The shield boss was decorated with two running horses, with their hooves towards the center of the boss.

The Rohirrim spearsman has a cloak just like Dernhelm's, the colour and texture match that of the picture on the box of the action figure. Also equally ratty looking at the edges.  (JB/Xander)




Armor bits



Rohan buckle, but not the belt. It was later mounted on a standard belt by Weta. Thanks to Kai-lin for sharing her prize. Same buckle, note Weta stamp on the belt. 


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