50 Designers

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50 Designers / 50 Costumes: Concept to Character

Fall 2005 we were treated to wonderful exhibit by the Costume Designer's Guild.

After it's original exhibit in Los Angeles, it traveled to Canada.  We have pictures for now.  We will sharing exhibit reviews with wonderful details soon as well as details on their exhibit catalogue.

Thank you to Cresentwench for the images.

Quick Exhibit Index

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Movie Title Index

bullet102 Dalmatians
bulletThe Affair of the Necklace
bulletAlmost Famous
bulletBig Fish
bulletBlues Brothers 2000
bulletCold Mountain
bulletFight Club
bulletGangs of New York
bulletGods and Monsters
bulletHarry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
bulletThe Haunted Mansion
bulletIntolerable Cruelty
bulletThe Last Samarai
bulletA Midsummer Night's Dream
bulletThe Mask of Zorro
bulletOcean's Eleven
bulletPirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
bulletShanghai Noon
bulletTerminator 3: The Rise of the Machine
bulletThe Time Machine
bulletTwo Weeks Notice
bulletTuck Everlasting
bulletUptown Girl
bulletWhat a Girl Wants
bulletWhat Lies Beneath

Please note:  the photos by Cresentwench were taken without tripod with available light, so many are a bit blurry.  I've worked to size them to a point where the costume details show best.  For just looking at the photos, stay with the medium sized version or resize then even smaller.

Photos from this exhibit are taken with permission.  Photographer  Crescentwrench gives permission for you to go ahead and makes copies for your personal website.

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