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Arclight Cinema's Costume Exhibits

Arclight Cinema has an area set-up to display a few movie costumes. They do allow cameras and we get to snap all the pictures we can.  It's a great way for us  to document the latest movie costumes.

Check out Arclight Cinema's current costume and prop exhibits list <here>.  They rotate quickly.  The exhibit is free to patrons of the movie theater.  6360 W Sunset Blvd (between Vine and Ivar - park in back.)

Quick Exhibit Index

Elizabeth: Golden Era
Lust, Caution

Visual Movie Title Index

Elizabeth: the Golden Age

5 Costumes

  Lust, Caution

3 Costumes

Please if you take any photos of any of the exhibits, contribute to our pic collection so we can share.

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Elizabeth: Golden Era | Lust, Caution

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