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FIDM Exhibit - The Art of Motion Picture Costume Design - 2011

The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising has exhibiting movie costumes every year since the early 1990's featuring the Academy Award nominee costumes.  FIDM fills the three rooms of their 10,000 square foot  Museum Galleries on the Park in down town Los Angeles with the best movie costumes of the previous year.  This exhibit runs from the end of January to mid April. 

Our Exhibit Index for FIDM Movie Costumes

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bulletInfo for 2011 Movie Costume Exhibit (on this page)
bulletExhibit basic information
bulletList of 2011 movies represented
bulletCostume pictures from the 2011 exhibit
bullet(hopefully coming)
bulletReview of 2011's exhibit
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Annual Exhibition - The Art of Motion Picture Costume Design at FIDM - 2011 Costume Exhibit

Basic FIDM Museum Information for 2011

bulletWhere: Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) - Museum Galleries on the Park
             919 South Grand Ave - 1st Level
             Los Angeles, CA 90015
             213-624-1200 x2221
bulletGallery information and map:
bulletFebruary 8 April 30, 2011
bullet10:00a.m. - 4:00p.m, Tuesday - Saturday
bulletclosed April 22 through April 25 for Spring Recess.
bulletAdmission is Free! 
bulletParking is under the building.
bulletThe only way to get into the lot is on 9th street going east from the 110 freeway.  (Just passed Flower and Hope, on the right side.)
bulletNow-a-days this lot is full.  There is some on the street parking, but be very careful of the posted sign for all the restrictions.  There are lots across the street from FIDM.
bulletHandicap:  Check with attendant, even if "lot full" sign is up.  They can normally accommodate.  If you street park, still pay attention to the tow-away signs.

2011 FIDM Movie Costume Exhibit Review

This year at the FIDM Museum "The Art of Motion Picture Costume Design" features costumes from over  twenty movies.  

(Coming soon)

Check out some wonderful shots of the costumes  from the gala opening.:

bulletFrock Talk - review and pics
bullet More pictures
bulletLA Times - photo gallery
bulletFIDM - Blog

2011's Exhibition Showcase:

Movies Exhibited  Designers List of Costumes Awards
Alice in Wonderland Colleen Atwood 5 Outfits - White Queen, Mad Hatter, 3 Alice outfits - Alice ???,  Alice large, Alice shrunk Oscar Nomination in Costume Design

Costume Designers Guild winner 2011: Excellence in Fantasy Film

Burlesque Michael Kaplan 7 outfits - Ali - feathered tutu, Ali ???, Contortionist, Ali - pearl bead drapes, dancer - black sequins w/ hands, Ali - yellow cup, orange waits, blue sleeves, Tan & black Costume Designers Guild nominee: Excellence in Contemporary Film
Clash of the Titans Lindy Hemming 5 Costumes - Athena, Ares, King Kepheus, Cassiopeia, Perseus  
Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky   5 Costumes - Coco's cream dress, Igor's Black suit, ????  
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Isis Mussenden 5 outfits - Coriakin, Prince Caspian, Eustace Clarence Scrubb, Edmund Pevensie, Lucy Pevensie  
Get Low Julie Weiss 2 outfits - Mattie Darrow, Felix Bush  
Hereafter Deborah Hopper 4 - Marie LeLay, Marcus/Jason, George Lonegan, Mason/Marcus  
Inception Jeffrey Kurland 7 outfits - Robert Fischer, Cobb, Ariadne / Arthur, Eames, Saito, Mal Costume Designers Guild nominee: Excellence in Contemporary Film
The Kids are Alright Mary Clair Hannan 5 Outfits - Paul , Jules, Nic, Joni, Laser  
The King's Speech Jenny Beavan 3 ouftits -  Lionel Logue - black pinstripe, Queen Elizabeth - bronze coat, King George VI - tan overcoat Oscar Nomination in Costume Design

Costume Designers Guild Winner 2011: Excellence in Period Film

The Last Airbender Julian Makovsky 5 outfits - Fire Lord Ozal Armor, Prince Zuko, Uncle Iroh, Sokka Parka, Katara Parka, Katara, Sokka - Maroon, Princess Yue  
Nanny McPhee Returns Jacqueline Durran 8 outfits - Cyril Gray - mustard suit, Phil Green - blue suit, Celia Gray - pale pink ruffles, Nanny McPhee, Norman Green - green shirt, Megsie Green - Blue overall shorts, Vincent Green - cream shirt & shorts, Issbel  Green  
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Penny Rose 2 - Dastan- breatplate, Tamina - cream w/ coat  
Robin Hood Janty Yates 7 Outfits - Sir Walter Loxley, Robin Longstride, Marion Loxley - dark blue gown, ????  
Shutter Island Sandy Powell 5 outfits - Teddy Daniels - grey overcoat & suit, Dolores, Chanal - yellow print dress,  Rachel 1 - Brick dress w/ check collar, Dr. John Cawley - green suit, Chuck Aule - charcoal suit w/ tan overcoat  
The Tempest Sandy Powell 7 Outfits - Prospera - fur, Miranda - cream, Prospera - flaired coat, Prince Ferdinand - black, Prospera - formal brown gown, King Alamso, Trisclo - black w/ red scarf Oscar Nomination in Costume Design

Costume Designers Guild nominee: Excellence in Fantasy Film

True Grit Mary Zophres 5 Outfits - Tom Chaney, Mattie Ross, Rooster Cogburn, Mattie Ross, La Boeuf Oscar Nomination in Costume Design

Costume Designers Guild nominee: Excellence in Period Film

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps   4 - Maroon jacket, Blue suit, Green dress w/ collar, Charcoal suit Costume Designers Guild nominee: Excellence in Contemporary Film
The Wolfman Milena Canonero 5 Costumes - Gwen Conliffe, Lawrence Talbot,  ????  
The Young Victoria Sandy Powell 1 Gowns - purple Oscan Winner in Costume Design 2010

Costume Designers Guild winner, Period Film 2010

bulletNote: the garment district is right near by.  After you see the costumes, go on over to Maple and 9th and hit the fabric shops while details are fresh in your memory.
bulletPark on Maple just north of 9th... go up the ramp for our favorite parking spot.
bulletMore info from Alley Cat Scratch on the LA Garment District

We're talking about the exhibit over on the F-Costume Discussion List.  Come join us!  Also check when we have group visits planned.

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