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About Us

This sub web of Alley Cat Scratch is dedicated to sharing research pictures from costume exhibits - both movie costumes and historical clothing exhibits. 

Exhibit photographs provide views and angles of a costume that are never seen in the movies.  Most times the lighting is better.  At an exhibit you have time to study a costume and see it from head to toe.  You see it without the special effects and coloring.  You see the seams, the tricks and the details.

We are firm believers in preserving costumes in pictures.  Many of these are works of arts.  Yet fabric does not last like stone.   It disintegrates.  It is easily destroyed if not stored right.  Techniques to make the more elaborate outfits can be even more transitory and began to disintegrate within a year. We support digitally preserving this clothing for the future to study as well.

Movie costumes celebrate the art of the designer, the crafter and the visionaries that created the movie.  Yet they are a transitory art.  A movie is popular and adored this year... but next year the costumes scatter.  They end up on e-bay, going to the star, or just stuffed in a closet to be used as extra bits in another show.  Without these pictures, many details would be lost.  Studios consider these just "one more movie asset" in just "one more movie".  We try to preserve the art in our minds and these pictures are part of that process.

When going to an exhibit, we encourage you to buy any exhibit books that are released with an exhibit.  These provide high quality pictures and much detail that you will get no where else.  Exhibit books are often published only in limited quantities and not reprinted.  Pick them up when you can.  Also look out for post cards in the gift shop. 

Add to Us?

Do you have pictures that you've taken at a costume exhibit you'd like to share with the costuming universe?  We will also include costume sketches and studies.

We can provide them a home at Alley Cat Scratch.  Write webcat@alleycatscratch.com

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Please contact da site's mascot at  webcat@alleycatscratch.com with any corrections or if you have a new event to bring to our attention.  

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