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50 Designers / 50 Costumes: Concept to Character

Movie Index for the page

bulletTerminator 3: The Rise of the Machine
bulletThe Time Machine
bulletTwo Weeks Notice
bulletTuck Everlasting
bulletUptown Girl
bulletWhat a Girl Wants
bulletWhat Lies Beneath

See exhibit's front page for complete index

Terminator 3: The Rise of the Machine

   designed by April Ferry

The Terminator, all shot up!  

The Time Machine

   designed by Bob Ringwood

(or high rez) of rubber car mats
Front detail Back
(or high rez here)
Boots, greaves detail Belt Detail full back, fuzzy

Two Weeks Notice

   designed by Gary Jones

Lucy Kelson's evening gown Skirt detailing  

Tuck Everlasting

   designed by Carol Ramsey

Winnie Foster - all 3 "agings" of the dress CU of the "dirtiest" version fabric close up
Mid-way Back ground, pristine version, foreground mid  

Uptown Girl

   designed by Sarah Edwards

Molly Gunn, 70's  

What a Girl Wants

   designed by Shay Cunliffe

Daphne Renyolds's transformed party dress  

What Lies Beneath

   designed by Susie De Santo

Madison Elizabeth Frank - underwater decomposition  
fabric detail  


Side view Skirt side

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