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50 Designers / 50 Costumes: Concept to Character

Movie Index for the page

bullet102 Dalmatians
bulletThe Affair of the Necklace
bulletAlmost Famous
bulletBig Fish
bulletBlues Brothers 2000

See exhibit's front page for complete index

102 Dalmatians

     designed by Anthony Powell

Cruella DeVil's beaded Dragon Gown, complete with dragon muff and gloves Back Back tail

(or high rez here)

Muff Close up CU of back embroidery CU of muff's tassels
  Progression towards evil  

The Affair of the Necklace

   designed by Milena Canonero

Marie Antoinette's Peacock Gown - 18th century court.

Note: neck lace is authentic 18th century

Note detailing: these are appliqués that have stitched down

Almost Famous

   designed by Betsy Heimann

1970's rock and roll - Penney Lane  


   designed by Beth Pasternak

1910 Armenian Refugee woman (or high rez here)  


   designed by Gloria Gresham

Terry Lee Collins, bank robber  

Big Fish

   designed by Colleen Atwood

Mr. Soggy Bottom Collar CU Back of collar close up, can see zipper and that sequin rows have been glued down
CU of the door   Shoes, note loafer and been built on to create the elaborate shoe

Blues Brothers 2000

   designed by Deborah Nadoolman

Queen Mousette    
Sleeve detail fabric detail  

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