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Making up an Orc, the Weta Way

Weta a done a number of wonderful makeup demonstrations.  Here are some examples


ROTK Wellington Premier

Images from the premier parade.  Extra orcs

Two different enhancements of the orc    
  Back of the orc outfits  
An unusual orc???  Any ideas if this picture belongs elsewhere? Same orc lightened  
More of the same style a different enhancement  

London Traveling Exhibit

Richard Taylor putting the finishing touches on
Thank you to Torn for these pictures.  Full gallery here: http://www.theonering.net/scrapbook/group/987
You ring???? Entertaining the troops in full makeup.

Here are close up details of some of the used prostetics.  Some are crushed.

Orc head, smashed against the glass Another smashed orc mask, but there's still detail to see
Orc face from the side  
a mess of icky orc teeth Hand and nails
Orc ear Orc ear

Comic Con 2002

Moria Orc transformation

Check out the transformation of a Sideshow employee into a Moria Orc at Comic Con 2002.  Step by step transformation in great detail... there are two index pages.


Transformation in progress The orc done and dressed The Weta orc (right) at play with a self-built orc.


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