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2002 News


News & Updates for 2002

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2005-2006 | Jul-Dec 2004 | Jan-Jun 2004 | Jul-Dec 2003 | Jan-Jun 2003 | 2002 News

Opening prep though 12/21

  • The Two Towers opens!  We have pictures of the costumes from the Line Parties!
  • Elrond's Armor break down by layer and a few pattern style suggestions.
  • Cleanup of the Rohan armor detail.  All the pics are together now.
  • Eowyn section had pictures added even if not cleaned up for TTT info.
  • More scrapbook entries
  • Just running in circles keeping up with all the new links appearing.  Almost every character has been updated.  Many of the race sections have been split up for more things on individual characters... too many to list.

Week of 12/8

  • Exhibit News section is up.  Lots of brand new information.
  • More technical bits on the fellowship cloaks - check fiber detail
  • More scrapbook entries
  • More picture links from all over added to the individual characters... so we're caught up with the latest round of TTT pictures.



11/20 - 11/24

Oh, there's been lots of updates just no time to post all the details. 

  • Web structure has gotten deeper with more costumes on their own pages so load times are down especially on the hobbit'sArwen's and Eowyn's pages.
  • The TTT exhibit pictures from the ROM in Toronto have been broken out and enhanced to bring up all kinds of wonderful details all over the place.  We received a number of high rez photos and they've yields quite a bit of information.  Feel free to explore your fav costumes.  Lots and lots of armor detailing.  Still working on getting all the report details with the right pictures.  See the new pictures.
  • Book reviews for the new TTT book are now on line.
  • Major Scrapbook updates
  • Arwen's Bedroom banner: a whole page a detail



  • News???  Oh yea, we've got news...
    • The TTT exhibit opened on Oct 31 at the ROM in Toronto.

Week of 10/27

Week of 10/19

Week of 10/12


  •  Arwen Chase Dress - Major update, includes making hints
  • Elven Eyes - Whole new page!  Find out what the different colored contacts look like.
  • New Scrapbook entries.  Check out what folks are making.
  • Updated Legolas - sleeve and jerkin detailing updates.
  • Merged in even more of the TTT trailer pics into the Character section including new ones for Arwen.  We're getting some nice detail.





  • Trailer is just coming out... so you'll be busy this next week finding new stuff - trailer pics posted thoughout.
  • Many additions to Tips, including how to do resin casting
  • Major updates for Eowyn.  All outfits broken out
  • Aragorn is out the the chalkboard, we've added some new drawings
  • More pattern updates
  • More scrapbook entries
  • Many more  quick costumes
  • Misc Cleanup and pic adds to almost 3/4 of the characters as I chewed though some of he backlog.
  • Finally got a chance to go though and cleanup our dead links... we're squeaky clean, except where I'm expecting a web site to come back on line.  So, browse away.
  • Note: changing servers... again.  (not my choice this time)


  • Lots of bits updated including the additional Halloween costumes we've found.
  • Scrapbook submission can now be sent in German.
  • Added costume for quick Treebeard


Well da web master has at least part of a working computer now so things should start to flow faster.

  • Menu re-org to move all the Halloween and quick costume stuff up to the top level.  Check out Quick
    • Under Quick we've expanded to a list of authorized Halloween costumes and are staring quick descriptions of outfits you can pull from the thrift store and a little effort.
  • Preliminary draft of the fellowship cloak pattern, and the first revision.


Well, there's nothing like blowing the mother board on the webmaster's computer to slow down updates.  It coughed up it's last hairball so updates are coming very slowing...

  • New scrapbook entries - check out the hobbits this week
  • New page... a jump in place for people just looking for Halloween costumes and ultra quick tips.
  • September updates for the pattern section.  This month Judy has added wizard robes.  Now includes links to all the patterns she could find on line to make browsing easier.



  • It's bits and pieces time again... includes a image from Liz of Arwen's Blood Red dress.  Updates on elf ears with new options
  • We've added Naomi as moderator and Fernanda joins us as our Spanish translator for the Scrapbook.


  • Note: one of our main picture link sites is down: Fantasy Planet.  We believe this is from all the flooding in central Europe.  Please be patient, we're getting other links as we can.  We which them good luck in getting back up... and a dry backup.
  • Been neglecting this section.  Lots of links to yahoo discussion have been updated over the last few weeks.  The vote is for the DVD with the zoom feature.  <G>
  • Whole new section about Rolled collars and how to draft your own.
  • Judy's August pattern update is done.  This is a compilation of comments from the yahoo messages.
  • New artwork for Arwen's Rivendell Farewell outfit.
  • Modification as fixes to Liz's Elf Ears article.
  • Moria Orc from Comic Con.


  • Well the DVD is out and the Yahoo board is going to take off like crazy.  The web will be behind for a while... so don't forget to search our Yahoo group as well.  Updates are scattered though out.
  • Scrapbook updates as well.


  • Little bits of updates.  We have toy pictures for design details for Arwen's Chase dress and Legolas.


  • First good picture of Gandalf the White.  Basic description posted.
  • More work in construction tips including new information on making Elven Circlet Jewelry.
  • We're kicked the baby out of the nest.... theOneRing.net has announced us and the traffic is wayyyyyyyyy up.


  • Legolas is out of the chalkboard and broken into separate pages.  This should really help the load time on him.  He's been indexed so you can jump straight to what you're looking for now.  We still have to finished the sleeves, cloak and shirt... but we're got quite a bit now to keep folks happy.
  • More pattern updates as well as the misc updated bits.


  • Bits of misc cleanup this week.  Legolas and Arwen have had their old links cleaned up.  Makeup section has had a bit more work.
  • Emily's tips on making Dwarf Beard Crimps is now up.
  • The Frequently Ask Question is now up... so instead of having to hear me do the same speeches... we can just send folks to these pages.  Please feel free to suggest more questions (and answers).


  • We made it!!!!  After a false start we're up on a new host and most of the buggies are ironed out.
  • New and revised Scrapbook is out with costumes that some of our community has built.  Come check our work out!


  • Lots of things on the web and in the real world....  the TTT teaser trailer is out... so we're checking the web for new images.
  • Updates this week... all over the palace again.  Highlights include
    • Galadriel's Prolog dress... the details are up.  I spent much time sitting beside it at the FIDM exhibit sketching.  There are 4 new pages of details.  Start at the Prolog Dress.   (This is how we define obsessive.)
  • How to make a Hobbit skirt is now up. We're still tweaking the instructions a bit, feedback welcome.
  • Major cleanup of our Resource Links.
  • We're still working on defining Legolas and getting "in play" links... so it will be there in the Chalk Board a bit longer.


  • You can now <Search> the site!
  • Many, many small updates and I catch up on past postings.



  • Over the past weeks I secured permission from D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F for his gallery and Steven Javor for the "Fotki" to use their Casa Loma images. Both have amazing resolution from their wonderful digital cameras. Steven gave extra permission that allowed me to crop and adjust to pull up extra details. So, that's what I've been doing the last couple of weekends. 
  • In the past two weekends have loaded over 50mb  of images on to our web -- all copyright cleared besides!!!!


  • News have been sorely neglected... but the whole Making 'em has has a navigational face lift.
  • Check out Emily's new artwork in Aragorn's Chalkboard and in the character sections.
  • Many new reference lists have been added throughout the Character section, so it's time to explore again and see what's new.
  • New Things section, right under Characters: This covers props that are not specifically assigned to a person including the Ring, EvenStar, Pipes and the Fellowship cloaks.



  • Armor Article
    • Breakdown by race, comparison to Tolkien's descriptions and much more.
    • What do you call what??  Definition of armor terms. 
  • Makeup section new
    • Skelton is up for the new Make-up section. 
    • Find out how to make Hobbit ears and elf tips. .
    • Some great articles and information.  However unless someone wants to help on this section... it's going to stay a skeleton!!  Help wanted!!!!!   More info here.
  • Character section restructure

    • Besides all the page creations in the Character.  Have added most of the Casa Loma LOTR exhibit pictures that we have rights to use.


  • Beginning to start loading Casa Loma LOTR costume pics to our web.
  • Many links added across the boards, starting structure.


  • Reorganized the web adding detailed sections for Nasties and Wizards
  • Added a lot of picture links.  Biggest changes for Sauron and Galadriel.  Organized Aragorn better.
  • Incorporates information from the first visit to FIDM.



  • Chalkboard part two is now up.  Fair amount of links for Aragorn's Rivendell outfit.
  • New links added all over.
  • The board is running far ahead of the web... so for best information on a costume, check the Yahoo board..


First chalk board section is up: Researching Aragorn


Web site has been reformatted.  Secondary sections have been built.  (Character section still a mess.)

Thank you Lisa for the spelling corrections.

Just added a bit of elf, still needs checking.


Just added Arwen section and Elf females.  Real rough format right now.  Input appreciated.

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