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News & Updates for January-June 2003

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2005-2006 | Jul-Dec 2004 | Jan-Jun 2004 | Jul-Dec 2003 | Jan-Jun 2003 | 2002 News


Through 6/16

Through 6/11

At long last the web master is rematerializing from under a rock.  Still hacking from the pneumonia... but brain cells returning.   It's going to take a bit of time to play catch-up... oh and we're moving to another server again!!!!  Joy!  Hold on!

  • Updates on Legolas (on top of the leather updates)
    • How to tips on the making his Kit
    • Includes artwork for a simplified quiver Peacock
  • Updates of Frodo
    • Shirt  including his pinstriped shirt and the suspenders
    • Fellowship Outfit includes drawing for the design on his backpack,
  • Lots of updates in the leather section.  Still cleaning this up
  • Notes and diagrams on how to make Arwen's Blood Red Dress,
  • Notes and diagrams on how to flat-pattern adjust Simplicity 9891 to have the main features as Arwen's Chase Dress
  • Update of Galadriel's section
  • The last month's scrapbook is finally in.  Lots of Elven and Human, but we've got new entries in everything from Doll 'n' More to our new Banner group to our first Horse entry.  I've moved some stuff around trying to group folks costumes together.
  • As always, there are misc tweaks all over the pages to better cross link the pages.


Through 5/7

  • The Webmaster is still packing... so very quiet on the web front
  • Nobel Collection has been updating their web pages with their new items.  Mortgage the cat or the baby. Make your Christmas list now.  New items include Gandalf's staff, Arwen's Circlet, Galadriel and Theoden Broaches and more.

Through 5/2

  • FIDM Web now has the current exhibit up!
    • Better pictures this year!
  • Not many updates happening...  the web master is packing to move

Thru 4/20

  • Thanks to Lalaith we've gotten some new pictures of 3rd Age Elven Armor.  These are great... 'cause they weren't "sneeks".  There's a suit in Weta's lobby. I pulled a number of new features in down to button and rivet detail.
  • More work on Eowyn's Jewelry section
  •  More scrapbook entries and some corrections to older entries including more shots from the LA fabric pillage.
  • Misc cleanup and fixed more links


  • The two LOTR exhibits are closing
    • The Te Papa exhibit closes on April 21
    • The FIDM exhibit closes May 3 and will be closed for Easter weekend
      • Two costumes have left FIDM already: Eowyn's Shield Maiden and Eomer's Armor.  They are being used in pickup filming for ROTK. 

Thru 4/11

  • Yes, the web is back up and I believe all the pieces are picked up... now if the hosting company will just keep it that way.
  • Lots of misc cleanup and detail bits added that have been missing.  Concentration on elves and elven armor
  • Added Julia's poster board paper machee technique to our Armor Cheats section
  • Sabine's Crushing Silk article now up.  Others who have had experience with this technique, we'd like to know how you handled some of the steps.
  • Added the section All about Wigs
    • It's not all yet... but it's got some nice tips and definitions all moved into one spot now.
    • Includes Primmy's human hair wig adventures
  • Did a number of smaller adjustments and updates in the makeup and wigs section
  • More scrapbook updates, TTT party to Elves to Oscar Party

Thru 3/27

Thru 3/20

  • FIDM pictures are starting to arrive.  These have been cleaned up, split out and placed in there character sections.
    • Check out the overview in the FIDM exhibit section .  (Remember, there are more detail pics beyond these, but this has the master pictures.)
      • Theoden, Eomer, Eowyn's Shield Maiden and Funeral Garb, Arwen's Mourning Dress, Orc, Elf Armor.
  • Theoden has been broken into section for better access and his armor section expanded.
  • Eowyn has been split out into each dress... but is still a MESSSSSSSSSSS, we're working on it guys... it just takes a bit.

3/16 & 3/17

OK, after a long dry spell where mundane life has totally overwhelmed me, I'm back to doing at least a few web updates.

  • Scrapbook updates, including adding a new category for dolls
  • Judy's pattern updates for Elves and Cloaks
  • Updated the Quick Fellowship pin page including adding how to create it out of metal
  • New Pictures of Galadriel's Prolog dress from last year's FIDM exhibit.
    • Note: the belt shows two tabs vs. one tab at Casa Loma
    • Tiny pieces of pics for Isildur and Saruman pulled from same photos.
  • Update to Requiem Outfit.  Added notes and pictures from exhibit reports from Ty and michella.
  • Updates to Hope dress.  Added notes from michella's exhibit report  Added bead pattern from Eledaia.
  • Re-organized the Quick Fellowship Pin section, added more bits.
  • Misc exhibit report updates and links to some of the work pages... much more to go on exhibit reports

Through 2/12

Through 2/2

Through 1/26/03

Through 1/22/03

Through 1/12/03

  • Update and cleanup on Arwen's Battle Outfit from the deleted Helm's Deep story line.
  • Step by step for making Arwen's Chase outfit belt buckle
  • First pass at cleaning up the Makeup section... added indexes and pulled out a few pages from the Yahoo archives

Though 1/7/03

  • Frodo, major breakout of his costumes.  Still outline.  Special bits...
  • Eowyn Necklace pictures and details
  • Arwen's Angel Dress - Master Clean-up
    • Includes the "new" Halo cloak and dress and comparison chart of the difference.
  • Arwen's Chase Dress - Cleanup, including more "making of" notes
  • Much work in the Things Section,  not done, but plenty of new pics from the older exhibits that have never been posted, this includes Sting, Narsil, Mithrel, the One Ring
  • Lots of scrapbook and line party updates.

Though 1/3/03

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