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News & Updates for January-June 2004

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2005-2006 | Jul-Dec 2004 | Jan-Jun 2004 | Jul-Dec 2003 | Jan-Jun 2003 | 2002 News

As of 6/29/2004

  • Updated the front of Arwen's crown with Elizabeth's new drawing.
  • Add Barb's tutorial for making Arwen's Butterfly Crown from tip, paint and epoxy.
  • Photo additions to Legolas.  Fatimah gets us a couple of close up poster shots of the lacing for Legolas' tunic and his jerkin.  Interesting note on the eyelets on the shirt.  The poster shows metal running only half way up his arm.  However the Traveling exhibit shirt has the grommets almost reverse, with the metal on his lower arm.
  • Mini tip updates
    • Pictures for Orc Weathering fun foam, in Cheating Armor
    • Finally added Sunny Jim's pictures for the fabric steamer.
    • Added references for different dye companies, instructions, the color recopies, cheat sheets, glossaries
    • Added more article and a bit more indexing for our Article links. 
      • If you've never prowled the page, check it out.  Some lovely meaty articles.
  • Well, I'm still not getting to the last NM window... so, I threw all the main things up in the exhibit section under Rohan.
    • The are un touched and unsorted.   If you click you get a big photo, sometimes 2-3 meg.  If the  photo is too blurry... make it smaller.   When I have time, I do the same cut and enhance that I always do.   (BTW, these are not necessarily new.  The best ones have all been placed elsewhere, including on the how to web sites.)
    • You'll get the good stuff when I have time... but at least I can drop the guilt for now.
  • Add more pics as they surfaced.  Few more on the coronations clothing for almost everyone.

As of 6/10

  • Hot off the e-mail press:  Stansborough Fibres has just released
    their latest product.  An officially licensed elven cloak taken from
    the original pattern.  So now you've got your choice, buy the cloak
    already made, or buy the fabric.
    • "At last, the launch of the Authentic Lord of the Rings Magic Hobbit
      Costume cloaks from Stansborough.
    • "These are registered to New Line Cinema and Stansborough has the
      world wide license to make these from their own very, very special
      Stansborough Gotland Fabric - Yes, the actual designer fabric used
      in the famous Trilogy!
    • "These special cloaks will be run as limited editions and numbered
      as such and will be sold with or without the Fellowship Brooches."
    • Price is $795 NZ .
  • Two new patterns from Simplicity for LOTR
    • 4940 for the Ladies - has a two part elven sleeve that ends above the elbow as well as a scooped neckline.
    • 4942 for the guys - includes vambrace and boot spats patterns
  • New Pattern Shape Index by Judy.  Here at last, a quick way to look up the patterns the the basic shapes.
  • Added Ela's pictures for Arwen's Weta White gown

As of 6/6

As of 6/4

  • Added the info from Jasmine Watson's TolCon report on the LOTR crowns and jewelry.  Thanks to Galadriel.
  • Finally got the reset of the FIDM pictures up with the 2004 review... it's all the way over on my main web. Whether you're looking for details on Jack Sparrow or Mina Harker, there are pictures.  Note: these are all unedited raw.  You get to chop them up as you want.  They are curtsey of Secret Elf.  Please feel free to snatch them up and distribute them wherever they need to go. SE has given permission to let them fly free.
  • Clean-up time, putting up many Neiman Marcus picture that have been languishing in varying states on my hard drive.  Yummy details abound. I didn't realize I hadn't posted a lot of these.  Photo credits are numerous, please see the exhibit section.  Many thanks to all the camera snappers.  Note these cleanups may effects a few of your bookmarks.
    • Consolidated all of the Arwen room banner and bedding photos in a new section of "Arwen's Things".  These are separated by which exhibit.  Also I've tried to reword the pages so that the nanny filters do not click in... or at least distribute the photos so that you can see some of them.  There is a picture index so you can jump to the sub pages and dozen's of new photos.  
    • Broken out Elven things a bit.  Again by exhibit with a heading section now.  Probably more work later, but figured it more important to get the pictures out.  Half is new pictures.
    • More 3rd age elven armor pics.  These are a bit different because they're just the shell and show the inside a bit with it's strapping and we're at a low angle.
    • Gondorian Vambrace close up. Aragorn's only for now. (OK... now there's no excuse for someone to not give me detailed artwork of each layer.  Please.)
    • Reworked Aragorn a bit to handle all the new photos from NM. 
      • Lots of new stuff for the jerkin.  All the details are there.
      • Trousers have their own pages.  Documented both versions.
      • Boots, both version, are together on their own page.
      • Red shirt has it's own page and a decent amount of details.
      • Reworked his accessory section a bit.  The belts are broken up.  If someone has the translation for what is written on the new belt, I'd love to add it.
  • Added picture of Legolas coronation outfit chess piece.  Thanks to Lenara.
  • Added page with various fabric swatch cards that have been sent in from folks.  Thank you to Celefinniel and Daniel G. for sharing images of their cards.  If you own a card, please take a high rez photo and share it with the group.   (If you're looking for this page later, it's over in Buy it / Fabric.)  Will later add the cards to the correct characters, but this gets the pictures to everyone for now.
  • Added freerangecelt's Step by Step scabbard making.  (Hopefully there will be pictures sometime in the future.  Hint)
  • I am still horribly neglecting the hobbits section, but I did a bit more work on the feet section.  Best bit, added a new page with photos of real hobbit feet. .  Also, Judy's just redone her "hair club for hobbits" which links off the hair patch page. Yes, there's still more about feet being put on, but what I'm doing right now is trying to put up photos that no one else has up on the web.... articles later.
  • Rearranged the exhibit section to allow for notes on larger gathers as well.
    • Boston exhibit has it's own page for the latest info and notes on our gatherings.
    • Adding a page for RingCon.   Judy and Cat are going up there.  Join us for a great costuming weekend.
  • Updated a lot of links for Eowyn and added some more.  Admiring Miranda's photo gallery has a number of new pics since we last updating.  Great clean images.  Check them all out.

As of  5/20

  • Hall of Fire Masquerade results posted.  Congrats to all who participated.
  • Updated exhibit information, lost importantly for the upcoming Boston Exhibit.  We need a local to give us extra info about the sites, and maybe getting there and other fun tips.
  • Added two new sleeve pattern adaptation articles to the pattern section.  Thank you Elizabeth and Jeanette for the articles and patterns.  Thanks to Judy for picture editing and formatting. 
  • Added a page for Eowyn's Starry Mantle.  Only had one pic.  Am I missing anything???
  • Some new picture links are done, others have not been updated yet.  I'm working on it as often as I can.

There have been scattered updates though April, but just adjustments to links and bits of photos.

After a break for Oscar parties and the inevitable con flu and worse, just a small set up updates through 3/28.  Pictures will have to be in the next set.

  • Judy's new pattern updates.  Lots new
    • "There are bunches of new patterns out there, not just those
      McCall's 4490-2.
    • "Trends I've noticed that could be important to various
      people: although there are still quite a few princess line
      styles, I'm finding a few more now that have bust darts
      instead, and mandarin collars seem to be in style this
      spring on more than the Asian-look tops.
    • "Even more wonderful is that a few new things for men (or at
      least unisex, since it may be for women but there's no darts
      or fitting!), even some costumes with mandarin collars.
      Enough things that I've started a generic Male Elf section
      now - with some specific patterns aimed towards the 'named'
      extras like Figwit, "Glorfindel" and Saelbeth.
    • "Hey, I even found a dress that looks similar to Rosie's
      Wedding Dress! So, have fun, browse around when it's posted"
  • Added Aya's artwork for Eowyn's Riding Outfit and Victory Dress
  • Intro description of Glorfindel.  thanks to Jeremy and Daniel
  • Small new page added for Scale Armor.  Just astart...
  • Elizabeth's How to Modify a Pattern for Elven Petal Sleeves.  We need illustrations and/or photos to go with it.
  • For when you want a 5 o'clock shadow that's more than makeup: Beard Stubble from creep wool from Haples Soup.
  • A new photo of the fellowship cloak fabric.  Best we have so far that shows the design of the fabric.
  • Some extra fabric we found on the gather... from Em-Be's Fabric.
  • Still working on updated descriptions from FIDM and NM.  Only bits added.  A lot stll needs to be done.
    • Please be patience for the rest of the updates, real life interfears.

Through 2/23

Through 2/18

Through 2/5

Through 1/13

Through 1/4

  • Lots of new links from ROTK, some change to descriptions.  Still working on it.
  • Gimli's Coronation Outfit described
  • Clay pin technique, step-by-step
  • Massive  scrapbook and party update.
    • Elves 11 &12; Hobbits 2 & 3; Fellowship 4; Human 5; Nasty 2; Cloak Closet 2;
      • If you entry is wrong or not in, you need to get back to me and we'll fix it.
    • In It's a Party - ROTK openings!


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