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Aragorn's Red Shirt

V2.0 - June 2004

Aragorn replaces his Grey shirt with the Red after the battle with the worgs


(see the pictures for details.)  This shirt is made out of a courser linen.  It is a fine herringbone weave that has been ultra heavily aged... Parts of the surface look sanded.  There is a mended rip down the  right sleeve. 

The pattern is almost the same as the grey shirt except for the smocking at the shoulder and the width of the yoke.  Yoke look like this might be a square cut vs. set in sleeve.

Key hole neckline.  Center front slit is turned under and runs to about the top tie on the jerkin.  Slit is reinforced at the bottom with an inch fabric square.  A twist of leather has been applied around the neck and down the front opening.  It is used as lacing holes to partially close the shirt.  Round braided cord closes the shirt. (Think round shoe laces, without the plastic tips.)

Sleeve are long, slightly belled in the elven fashion.  The top comes to a point, the bottom is open about two inches.  Finished at the edge with just a twice turned 1/2 inch hem.  Machine finished with clean top stitching.

The red shirt under the jerkin.  From the Neiman Marcus 2003 exhibit. At the center of the neck, it looks like it is bound.  However, that's the beginning of a yoke that is very narrow at the center of the yoke and flares out. Here you can see a bit of drop shoulder and the narrow yoke.  About 4".
Good shot of the leather decoration/lacing zigzag.  Tie is part way down. Yoke can be seen a bit better widening out here.  
Leather lacing/decoration goes down to the first tie.  There looks like there may be the same type of little square stop as we see on the grey shirt.  It's just down lower   Sleeve is finished with just a turn over narow hem at the wrist 
Fabric is a herringbone weave.  According to the WW book it is linen. Know the fuzzing of the fabric.  It has been heavily weathered.    


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