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This entire web is much more a study project (vs. a static web).  So, to help us keep track we have added a scrap work area for our costume research.  We use our Chalk board area for anything we want to share.   We'll pop info into this section as we're researching.  There can be links, rough sketches, questions... anything.  It puts all the info in one place for us to review together. 

If you're working on a project and just want to post it here for others to give you feed back... just contact us at

Current Project/s:

The first research project is Aragorn.  Because this is the first project it's not just the data, there are numerous reports to know how to do the research.  As you read though the research for his outfits is you will find not just the results but a bit of the whys and howsl.

Aragorn Research - How? - Step by step

Everyone has their methods... Here's a view into mine for da folks that asked. Real step by step instructions would have put everyone to sleep... so I'm going to walk you though how I research.  (Warning, I'm veryyyyyy detail oriented. )  This research would be the same whether you were doing a beginning, intermediate or advanced project.  The only difference at this time is how much time you spend of research... and when you stop.


(Please note, the questions in the first 3 sections have been answered or moved to the next sections.)

  • Beginning step one <here>.
    • Just the final results of step one here, <here>.
  • Step two: photos for Rivendell outfit - why we picked these
    • Lots of links to guide you along
  • Step three: photos for Strider outfit - why we picked these
    • Lots of links to guide you along, but not everything we could find, only the ones that mattered for the costume.
  • Step four: description of Rivendell outfit - all we have to date
  • Here's where we diverge....

DVD notes:

New pictures to be organized of the Rivendell outfit.

Part 5 - Describing the Rivendell Outfit, V2.0

Here's our next try on a description of Aragorn's Rivendell Outfit.

This outfit is only seen in Rivendell for a short time so we do not have a large description.  It's worn for the bridge romance with Arwen and at the Rivendell council over the fate of the one ring.

Basic description:  Soft grey velvet sleeveless surcoat .  It is worn over a long sleeved diamond patterned black and silver tunic.  We have grouped Rivendell pictures together.

  • Articles we need to describe:
    • Sleeveless surcoat
    • Under tunic
    • Boots
    • Pants (?)
    • No hat or cloak with this outfit.
Please go back to the character section for the current description of Aragorn's Council Velvets! Aragorn Rivendell outfit guess. Click photo to enlarge.  


Information on this page is highly speculative...  This is our scratch pad. Please check the rest of the web for items we're already research.

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This page was last updated 04/22/08