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Arwen's Butterfly Crown Pattern & Construction Tips

The crown is very popular so here we preset our pattern.  Included are way to size it up or down to fit your head.

We're also including links to construction tip using various materials for various budgets.

The Butterfly Crown Pattern

V2.1 - June, 2004

Front and side of Arwen's Crown.  Numbers designate where chains join to each other.

Artwork by Elizabeth le Fae

Back of the crown.  


Pattern print out and adjustment instructions:

Side pattern pieces:

The width was 7 & 1/2 inches long (or 19cm). When I printed, about 1/2 an inch of the very back tip (tail end) of the wing didn't print, along with the wires that extended beyond that point. So, looking at Elisabeth's sketch -  add those in by hand.

The back butterfly section:

The individual back side wing from the upper tip (outermost tip) of the wing to the center is 4 & 5/8 inches (or about 12cm). From the top tip of the wing down to the bottom tip of the tail is 6 & 1/2 inches (or 16.5cm)

If you're working with a larger sheet of tin, the back can be done as one whole butterfly.

Additional sizing instructions from the editor:

The crown was constructed in two parts so that it could be sized over Liv's "old shaped" wig.  The side was combs and pins. 

When you make the crown, it's length and shape is going to depend on the shape of your head AND whether you are going to be wearing a wig or not. 

You have three options to size it.  What you choose may depend on what you have access to and how much adjustment you need to make.

  • Just adjust the size in a photo editing program by doing a "proportion reduction" of either inches or pixels.  (The same can be done on a photo copier by reducing or enlarging the image.)
  • You may choose to just stretch the side wires.  Do an non-proportional adjustment of just the side part and leave the back alone.  (Normally, you just need to uncheck the "proportional" change box on your image program.  You won't be able to do it on anything but the most advance copier.
  • If you have no electronic means to alter the pattern, go to the old fashion technique... look for a place in the pattern that is just "straight", cut it, and extend the lines by hand... just like big fabric pattern pieces are shortened or lengthened.
    • Example: Arwen's butterfly crown... just before the side butterfly starts, there are a set a wires that are fairly straight.  Cut the pattern angled at that point and redraw those lines to better adjust the length.

If you are thinking that you will only wear it with a wig part time, you may want to make sure that there are combs built in on the side or extra little curls to anchor bobby pins in.  Else, you could end up with it sliding in your face.

How-To Make Arwen's Butterfly Crown

Check out our circlets section for tips on metal work and faking metal work. We have two different techniques listed plus a lot of other tips using materials you have on hand.

Barb's tutorial using a tin sheet for the butterfly Michelle's tutorial using clay for the butterfly.


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