Easy Sew Tabard  - Halloween shortcuts

Here we present some shortcuts from our members.

All the sewing on this costume could be accomplished using a stapler, tape and safety pins if someone wasn't needle-and-thread savvy

It's just a front and a back panel of black bridal satin with appliqués of purple and blue shark-skin (I don't recommend any of that fabric to the novice. It's terrible to sew on and slides all over. Try cotton. Much easier) with a slight scoop in the top end. The shoulder seams are sewn, then the whole thing hemmed. A satin belt was sewn on that is permanent and open on one side so you can shoulder into it; then it's safety-pinned shut.


Pattern laid flat.

Wide as your shoulder. 

Long as you want it, measure over your shoulders, front to back.

Measure belt afterwards.  You  may want it loose or tight depending on the look you want. 

All edges can just be turned over or they could  be finished with seam binding.  You may want to hem the bottom

Try on over the shirt or tunic you're going to wear.

Attach the belt at the waist. You can pin or the one side together or sew on a skirt hook.

Other option, don't attach the belt at all, just tie around.

Make a sword belt by just typing a knot for the plastic sword.  Tie the belt on

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