Theoden's Armor
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Theoden's Armor

The king goes forth to war in splendid hand worked armor befitting his majesty.

Theoden Index

Armor Details

Theoden's Armor from FIDM, 2003 From London exhibit, 2003
(or here for high rez)

Thank you to Torn for these pictures.  Full gallery here:

Chest plate, enhance to bring in detail Same chest plate, different effect to bring out detail
Two different enhancements of the helmet Side view of the helmet.  Note the horse head crest
Shoulder of armor, see detail on edge Another angle, less sharp.
Pauldron, from the side Vambrace
Detail of collar embroidery A close up look at the fabric.  See how coarse the weave in the red is.  Guess that it is linen  Green is probably wool.


detail on scales and tooled leather greaves.  Blue line is the cord holding the exhibit in place. Very fuzzy below the waist shot
Slightly different adjustment of the same detail Detail of the greaves leather tooling
Note there are even designs on the armor scales Another shot of the horses heads.  See the red suede that the armor scales are attached
Detailed of one of the armor scales

(Xander and JB)




Description from Richard Taylor about his favorite armor:

There are interlocking flower patterns on the bindings and the belt  buckles (plural) are engraved with the Rohirrim hunting boar. The steel outer armor resembles an armadillo shell, the surface is etched with the king's intaglio*. Each rivet is engraved (it does not say with what). Even the steel epaulet undersides are engraved, these with the horse motif of the House of Rohan. They're finished with a leather strap with a delicately tooled botanical emblem.

*intaglio - an engraving into a surface, as opposed to a cameo which is raised.

The Hose motif of the House of Rohan is engraved on the inside of the breast plate.  This is a reminder that he is king even as he is dressed.


From Celefinniel's FIDM 2003 report

Theoden's belt is still an issue for us, so we tried to see it
closely.  The helpful guy who dressed the mannequins said he THOUGHT the hardware was resin cast, but was not sure.   The sheen was really like brass though.

All Rohirrim hardware that we saw was the same casting.  Buckles, finials and other hardware were simply redeployed in various ways to create the different styles of harness.  The main differentiator was that Theoden's end finials were installed in the opposite direction.  His were pointed end down and semicircular cutout up. The others had the cut out facing down and the pointed end attaching to the leather.

Theoden's belt has a wider section in the back (leaning, leaning).  It seemed to have a second slightly narrower layer of leather attached in someway over the base layer.

There are only 2 of the hardware that supports the scabbard.  They are joined by a ring.  The end of the belt coming from the back is narrowed and has an end finial with a ring connecting to the scabbard support.  The short side of  front of the belt is narrower than the back (more like the extra layer) and has a similar finial and joining to the scabbard support and a long buckle at the other end.  The long side of the front which wraps around from behind is narrowed an had a matching finial without ring.  The belt has holes for the buckle and also knots at the waist. 

Color is reddish-brown (not quite as dark as Cordovan) and the leather is tooled with a "Celtic" type design.

Undertunic has the look of burgundy burlap...  However, Ann located a heavy weave the Tai Silks calls Tussan Silk with a "linen weave" that looks like the right fabric.  Would need to be dyed.


Reference Photos

Under layer documentation - there are two different

Coarse read shirt, Green tunic laced with leather, metal eyelets

Fancy Embroidery on neck and keyhole

Find shield and sword on the next page.

More pictures are in the Neiman Marcus Rohan display and haven't' been broken out yet.

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