Theoden Freed
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Theoden Freed

V1.2 - July 2004

Freed from the spell of control, Theoden sheds years and because a strong leader of the people.

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Exhibit pictures

Theoden's tunic, ROM 2002    
(or high rez here)    


Basic description

There appear to be four pieces to the visible part of Theoden's "Royal" outfit:


The deep burgundy/wine undershirt, long-sleeved. Possibly silk blend but looks very rich.   Could also be wool.  The large Celtic gold-work near the collar looks to be on this undershirt, but on a broad, lace-up (bi-directional lacing) black leather placket.  Very  high Mandarin collar.  Embroidery is gold, black and green covering the leather placket.

Under tunic

Are there two tunics???

Green sleeveless tunic very widely cut under the arms.   Low neckline and wide button down front placket.

First layer, black wool tunic. Red velvet sleeves.  It is about 3 inches longer than the outer tunic. Split front back and sides, per toy.  It zips up the back.


Slim black trousers.  Tucked into his boots


Brown cotton(?) velvet or possibly a nappy suede.  There is a seam that runs across at the waist.   It is split front and back.  There is a seam at waist-level where the bottom part of the tunic meets the upper.  The back of the tunic is also seamed... per the toy. There are slightly extended sleeve caps. 

The sleeve caps are heavily covered in gold, black and green Celtic embroidery.  The bottom slits and hem line are trimmed in inch wide by 3" long embodied motifs similar to the sleeve caps. These are built onto a strip of the same fabric as the tunic.

The wide V neck line and and the slit are edged in a thinner gold trim.

(Note: most of the neck area embroidery belongs to the undertunic/shirt.


Black leather. Tooled with gold and burgundy etch-work. The design on the cuff is two stylized horses in gold, with burgundy heads and haunches, surrounding an eight-point star with a circle in its middle. Gold scrollwork round the edges.   These gauntlets lace


Nut much to see as most of it's behind him. Looks to be a fine knit (maybe even a matte satin) with green on the outer and a burgundy lining. There is gold cord edging visible on the hood and cloak. Held together with a large, round clasp of gold, again with an eight-pointed star.

There is a small triangle piece off the back of the cloak.  It is edged in the same gold.  It is reminiscent of a hood, but is just decorative because it is far to narrow.

  (Thanks to Megan for the original summary description.)

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