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Lady Luke Skywalker - Utah, USA

 I have been sewing for 11 years and have been making costumes for myself for 9 of them.  I decided to be a costumer and started making costumes for other people professionally about 4 years ago.  However, making pretty things for myself is still my passion.  Arwen’s BR dress is one of my favorites in her wardrobe.  

A full article on how I made this dress along with pattern sketches and instructions can be found <here>.  

I have worn this dress to a few events.  Check out the photo gallery of my group’s website here:

Presenting Lady Luke Skywalker’s version of Arwen’s BR dress.  Please don’t pay attention to the wrinkly nature of the dress.  I forgot to steam the thing before taking pictures . . .

Showing the sleeves with them covering my hands.  You can sort of tell that they are more elliptical than half circles are traditionally.

 With the sleeves folded to reveal my hands.

Showing the basic pattern of the overdress.  This is the wrong side of the fabric so that you can see the seams.

 This is the front view of the overdress neckline.  The line is much more of a scoop as opposed to the boat shape of the underdress.

This picture shows that I chose for my overdress neckline to cover all but 1” of the underdress trim.  I don’t know how accurate that is, but I decided it’d help keep the dress on – and it does.
This is a poor picture of the dart I was obliged to put in the overdress (I was wearing the wrong undergarments in this picture, which explains the puckering)  It also shows the black under dress and the trim which is not a sleeve cap in my version.

I added the black floss at the edge of the underdress trim to better imitate the trim used on Arwen’s dress.


Shows the twill under dress, non-sleeve cap trim, and over dress “trim” from the back.



This is the wrong side of my fabric, showing the seam lines of the inserted godet.  You can see the necessary curvature of the hem as it segues from the front hem line to the longer back hemline.

This shows how well the godet blended in.  Much better than I’d hoped for in fact.  Presenting the underdress in all it’s glory.  With arms up
 With arms down.  (Don’t mind the look on my face.  I really WAS happy!)  Notice that the front of the sleeves are slightly shorter than the back. This picture shows the boat-like neckline of the underdress.  I have a “shorter” décolletage than Liv Tyler, so my neckline is not quite as deep as hers.  However, if I’d made it any lower, excessive cleavage would have been the result.  You can see the seam of the trim in (sort of) center back.
Once again, you can see the floss detail.  I only did it over the sleeve since the edge of the trim is hidden by the overdress everywhere else. This is showing the upper sleeve, lower trim and the inside seam of the lower sleeve.  I had to put in a slit to facilitate walking.  Also, I hemmed the underdress to about my ankle. Probably not accurate, but I did it to facilitate movement, while trying to remain modest when keeping my overdress well off the ground.

Extra note: I took these pictures quickly and did not wear the normal undergarments I wear with this dress.  It is importance to wear the same (and proper) foundation from the measuring stage, though fitting to whenever the final product is worn.  

Reminder again, a full article on how this dress was made along with pattern sketches and instructions can be found <here>.  

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