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Amy - Virginia, USA

Elf Extras


After seeing LOTR and all of the wonderful costumes, I could not help but feel inspired to design a few of my own elven things. Some of these you will recognize as dresses already seen in the movie, but with a few changes. These are all shirts as well, not full gowns. I made them this way so that I could wear them to school and places like that and still feel like I was in costume, without having to deal with a long train or overly huge sleeves. The end result: a bunch of shirts that can be worn with a skirt for a more accurate interpretation, or, some fun tops to be put with jeans for a great elven look!
This is my variation of the Hope Dress. I used a wonderful wine-colored crushed panne (crushed stretch velvet) and a sheer curtain netting with leaves printed on. The skirt I made for my Mourning Gown.
This is a knit tank top with a georgette chiffon over the shoulders and swooping down the front. It was very simple and can give an elven flare to everyday wear.

Blood Red

This is my variation of Arwen's Blood-red Dress. I used a great deep red cotton for the under shirt, which, on close inspection, is found to have a very subtle paisley pattern printed on it, just like Arwen's!

The trim is a gold glitter organza that I cut into strips and appliquéd on. The bell sleeves are the biggest change. I would have loved to make an exact replica of this dress and have the huge velvet bell sleeves and the spaghetti strap dress over it, but instead I made some simple chiffon bells and a knit shirt to go over the whole thing. The skirt is my Mourning gown skirt.


My own design. This is the first piece of clothing fully inspired and made by me. It actually came out good! It is a fitted knit white dress with tight upper sleeves and flared chiffon lower sleeves. There is a green ribbon crisscrossing up the arms, like in Eowyn's White Wool Dress. Then, there is a large green chiffon scarf sewn on at the shoulders so that it is in a U-shape at the front and has 2 long tails in the back.



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