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The Movie Star - Bruce Baxter

PJ created this character in homage to actor Bruce Cabot, the actor who played Jack Driscoll in the original 1933 film.  There the "leading man" was the first mate, not an actor playing the first mate.  Interestingly, this too polished movie star discovers a bit more about himself than expected and find he can be a bit of a hero.  However, he sells out to the lure of fame by the grand finale in NY and makes just a big a fool of himself as Jack makes of Kong.

Bruce is not documented really well because we do not have a lot of pics.  However, he does have a number of stylish 1930's outfits.  He's a good character to choose if you like vintage styles.

Costume Index

bulletBoarding the Ship
bulletFilming - Women are Trouble
bulletIsland Adventurer
bulletFresh for the Camera
bulletSaving the Day

Boarding the Ship

We first meet Bruce as the suave star.  He's costumed to the 9's.  The perfect movie star, expensively dressed.  His spirits spiral downward when he encounters his star cabin - shabby walls and all.

Not sweater collar and cuffs A bit more of his overcoat Finely tailored suit back
bulletLong white overcoat
bulletCable Sweater
bullethigh necked
bulletDark coat


Bruce doesn't let anything get him down.  He pulls out movie posters staring HIM, of course and decorates the walls of his cabin with him as the b-movie hero of a dozen films.

bulletRed wrap robe

Oops!  Someone has vandalized the poster!  Now he tries a mustache.

bulletOff white polo shirt
bulletGrey Slacks

Filming - Women are Trouble

The first scene with Ann, finds Bruce costumes stylishly vintage.  Simple but suave.

Blurry, but non colorized.  From PDs  

Starting as the first mate

bulletLong sleeved dark olive "work" shirt
bulletCream trousers (far to clean for real ship's work)
bulletBrown belt
bulletBlack cap with wide gold trim on the brim

Island Adventurer

Fresh for the Camera

Bruce's outfit is full costume, just like Ann's.  What does the great hunter wear?


Very Polished 2 piece suit

bulletCamel colored double breasted coat
bulletTwo rows of matching buttons, large.
bulletWhite button down collared shirt
bulletDark tie, probably maroon

Saving the Day

The wild island eventually lights his hero spark.  Gone is the silly hat, gone is the jacket.  He carries a large coil of rope and a machine gun. And is willing to use them both when he rescues Carl, Jack and the others from the spider pit.

  Inner shirt really darkens up as they destress it


The "hero who rescues" Ann is Bruce in Carl's revisionist history of the Skull Island Adventure.  Just as the natives are a parody, so is the "great white hunter".

For the stage show Bruce is costumes in a bright white parody of safari wear. 

bulletWhite belted safari jacket.
bulletshort sleeved ???
bullet2 over-large sets of pockets
bulletBottom pickets are fastened closed, a triangular flat with big button
bulletWhite shorts
bulletShort brown ankle high boots.
bulletWhite safari pith helmet

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