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LOTR Costume

Carl's Assistant - Preston

Preston hides in Carl's shadow though most of the movie.  After King Kong's capture he gowns into his own. 

His has his own preppy styles.  His colors dark reds and neutrals.

Costume Index

bulletStealing Carl's Film
bulletAboard Ship
bulletThe Island

Stealing Carl's Film

Preston starts out look like the nerdy twerp he is, down to sweater vest and load pad tie.

bulletGrey suit
bulletRed Sweater Vest
bulletPlaid tie
bulletHat: tam

Aboard the Ship

Preston starts to unwind on shipboard.  His stiff dressing de-evolves much like Jacks.  Loose shirt, open vest.

first ship outfit 2nd outfit


The assistant sheds his vest and picks up a gun when he goes to help rescue Ann.

At the rocks, still wearing vest Hunting!
bulletBrown trousers
bulletDark red shirt
bulletUndershirt is a dark tan, first seen here
bulletSuspenders with center red stripe
bulletGlasses, as always


He is not dressed as elegantly as Carl and the studio executives, however his cheek scar adds a debonair dash to his fine black tie tux accented with black studs.

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