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Arwen's Riding Boots and Gloves


The boots have rounded toes. In the front, the leather pieces that wrap around have stitching about to 1 inch from the edge. In the back, the loops for lacing are sewn into the edge seams of the wrap-around pieces and are about 1.5 to 1.75 inches apart.

A few shots in the skirt section and we have pics from the 6" toy.

Boots front, leaf wrap with a bit of an edge.  Piping? Boot side, another piece of leather wraps around. Back of boot, laced to fit.


  • Arwen's chase scene boots are high with lacing that goes up the back instead of the front, piping detail, and were made in grey leather which was over-coloured in deep burgundy (presumably to match the breeches).

The following pictures are boots made by Ringstyles... (pictures courtesy of Naomi.)



Arwen wears matching elbow length gray leather gloves, which we can see being laced up by an assistant in some of the photos.


Lacing start just at the wrist and extends up.  Tops are laced into the sleeve, we believe.

To make the gloves, check out this site for help: .  Also head over to Buy it/gloves for pattern companies.


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