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Arwen's Sword & Ridding Kit

Sword Hadhafang

Her sword, 'Hadhafang', is attached to Asfaloth's saddle. Hadhafang means 'throng-cleaver'. It was also the sword used by Elrond in the prologue battle scenes.

The inscription on her sword reads:

aen estar Hadhafang I chatholhen

thand around dan I thang an I arwen

Idril I hel en aran Gond dolen

(This last line was omitted on the sword because they could not fit the entire inscription .)


This blade is called Hadhafang

A noble defense against the enemy throng for a noble lady

Idril, daughter of the king of the Hidden Rock (Gondolin)

The linguists who came up with this inscription have made a play on words - Arwen means 'Noble Lady' in Sindarin, so even though the blade was made for her grandmother, Idril, it includes her name!

Info from LOTR Fan magazine #3

Gold etched inlay scrollwork and Tengwar writing handle is a deep rich brown (possibly mahogany or walnut) with either gold painted or inlaid scroll/leaf designs

Total Length: 38 1/8"
Blade   30"
Handle  8 1/8"

Blade has rounded non-sharp edge on lower side closest to fingers, beyond the point on both sides, sharpened.  On the thumb side, blade is sharpened only for approximately 9-10 inches

The handle has gold colored matt decals for the decoration it looked very much like inlay work, but there was some overlap of the decals.  (This can be seen at the exhibits.)  This has also been scene as inlay.  So, do we have two versions???


Horse Saddle and Tack:

Asfaloth, originally in the book, is used in the movie as Arwen's steed. As one of our group has taken it upon herself to recreate not only the Chase Outfit, but Asfaloth's too, for herself and her horse, we thought it only fair to include it here!


Elven saddle. High curved pommel looks like carved wood, with painted and gilded designs. It arches from both sides (we see the 'dummy' Frodo hand fixed around one of them like a handle). Fairly high cantle.

My theory is that the saddle is actually a fancy 'saddle cover'. The shape I am seeing underneath looks like a standard Australian stock saddle, and the stirrups and stirrup leathers look modern.

Saddle seems to be made of patchwork brown leather in at least 2 shades, cut in lovely curves to swoop around shape of saddle. Saddle has a padded edge with a leafy/scroll design in a darker leather. Appliqué? The outer edge of saddle is bound in the same darker leather (?) as the scroll design. Corner edges are opposite to the saddle cloth, in that the front ones are squarer than the rounded back corners.


A large sheepskin or goatskin. Lots of those in New Zealand. The photos I saw of the toy showed sheepskin, then cloth, then saddle. I think. Likewise, the DVD stills show sheepskin, then blanket, then saddle.

Per fan mag, saddle cloth is  grey satin, with corded pattern applied (is the cording grey or silver or white?). Edges of saddle cloth bound in (silk?) ribbon or binding. Front edge of saddle cloth is curved, back edge is square (or even a very subtle swallowtail). Cloth hangs down to level of rider's feet. I see a reinforced slit (normally hidden by the saddle) where the girth of the saddle would go through.


Asfaloth bridle. Brown leather headstall, no noseband/cavesson. Looks very Western. I think it has fancy oval buckles, but seems very plain compared to the rest of the decorated Elvish stuff. T

The browband is shaped at the front, and inset with what looks like a simple 4 point star shape. Can anyone tell what this is? Inset metal, or paint, or different color leather. It does not seem shiny. Asfaloth has a long forlock, shown half under and half over his browband.

Asfaloth also wears a plainish brown leather breastcollar with a center ring.

Saddle and tack observations from Jane.

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