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Silky Costumes worn on the Ship

Once again Ann wears separates, but in this case it's robes, slips and silky pajamas.  We see a mix and match of pieces, including what's worn on the Island.

Costume Index

bulletGood Legs
bulletStripped PJ's - First Kiss
bulletContinuity Oops Robe

Good Legs

In the crew corridor, sparks first start between Ann and Jack.  when the ship pitches and tosses then, Jack comments "good legs", claming to mean "good sea legs".

She wears the Island Robe and a short slip sure to show off those legs.

Wedge slippers, with about a 1 1/2" heel  

Costume breakout

bulletIsland Robe - separate description <here>
bulletGood Legs Slip
bulletVery short slip, end mid hip
bulletCan't tell if hem has lace, but would make sense.
bullet"V" neckline,  4" strip of lace
bulletColor???  Hard to tell with the yellow color grading of the scene, but it's lighter tha the robe.  Could be a pale blue
bulletWedge heels, 1 1/2 to 2 "
bulletTowel required

Striped PJ's - First Kiss

We see very little of these.  The scene has been trimmed down to focused on their first kiss.

Ann is wearing striped silk front-buttoned pajamas, long sleeved.  The edge of the collar is piped in satin or charmeuse.



Continuity Oops Robe

This robe pops up after the crew returns from their first trip to Skull Island.  As the crew breaths a sigh of relief, the natives are already polling towards the ship.  Ann wears this robe.  It seems to be a pale blue velvet, the design is stamped or voided.  She wears the same slip as in the Good Legs scene.

Moments later, Ann is kidnapped and when we see her again on the island, she is wearing the Cream Silk robe and Peach Slip that she wears for the whole Island scene.  Continuity problem! So, hence the name of Continuity Oops for this pretty robe.


Robe is a soft velvet wrap around that ties at the waist.  White pattern looks like it's a voided pattern, so the pale blue velvet would have to have a white/cream backing.  Minimal collar, looks like the end is just turned under, but it could be a bias binding.  We need to look closer.

Sleeves?  Not sure if they're 3/4 for full length.  They're loose but not too baggy.

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