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Golden Breakfast Dress

Ann's first appears with the crew is at breakfast... and she vastly overdresses thrilled to be wearing one of the costumes for Carl's movie - a lovely yellow silk print tea dress accented with rhinestones.

There are basically 3 costume variations of this dress.  The golden yellow one she wears in the breakfast scene,  the original "autumn" version in the cut scene and the pastel pink "tweaked" version for blond actress in Jack's "Cry Havoc" play.

The dresses are inspired by the 30's tea gowns.  Naomi Watts loved the dress.  She chose to keep this one.

Chiffon Dress Index

bulletGolden Breakfast Dress
bulletAutumn Chiffon Dress
bulletCry Havoc Stage Costume

Golden Breakfast Dress

Fabric: Sheer silk print with rhinestones accents.  The chiffon fabric is a golden yellow with a print of soft focus flowers, almost watercolor style.  Underlayer is light yellow chiffon fabric.  A triple rhinestone clip gathers each shoulder.  There are also small iron-on rhinestones decorating the shoulder area.

The two main identifying notes

bulletThe back has a wide open rectangle.  The top is fastened by a clip closing the rectangle.
bulletThe shoulders are covered with a flutter of fabric.  There are  glittering clips that narrow the shoulder straps in front about 2" down from the shoulder.

Just a couple of blurry shots for now.

Shot is blurry, but you can see how airy this costume is.  Note the wrap around neck scarf. Can just see the back opening

Autumn Chiffon Dress

According to the Kong Production Diaries one of folks favorite dresses for Ann was in a cut scene.  When the breakfast scene was added, the dress was redone and put in. 

Now what we don't know is if only the color changed or a bit of the style changed as well.  There are not extra rhinestone bits around the shoulder edges.  All pics here are a bit blurry.

Front of the deleted Autumn dress   The original sketch.  The skirt is the same.  The sleeve, shoulders are close. the waist is a little different
Note how the front flap folds over.  (Think rectangle sideways.) Sleeves.  Pattern piece is from the shoulder front to the single connect high in the back.  The rest of the back is bare. some of the pattern pieces
3 rhinestones as decoration for the front shoulder    

Cry Havoc Blond Stage Costume

A simpler variation of this dress is worn by the blond actress in who starts in Jack Driscoll new play "Cry Havoc".  This dress is a pastel pink print.  The fabrics are not as fine as the real dress and the style is more simple in it's design... but it definitely is styled of the dress in which Jack first sees Ann.

Front of dress: the skirt is pleated instead of being flowing gathers.  Though hard to see here, the neck and shoulders are somewhat the same.  The sleeves have the same loose flutter. Just like with the other 2 dresses, there's a circle missing in the back and it fastened at the high shoulder/neck area.

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